What's new?

Further improvements to optimize your customer experience with BCA.

Terms & Conditions improvements

To align further in the customer journey over all BCA countries in Europe, we have improved and concretised some texts in our Terms & Conditions around the following items:

  1. Registration
  2. Our services are aimed at professional buyers from the automotive industry. Our registration process reflects the need for us to have accurate information to ensure compliancy with European legislation and tax laws.

  3. Onboarding
  4. Placing a winning bid creates a binding sales contract with BCA. Therefore we would like to make sure our buyers understand the effects of their actions and have all information at hand before entering the sales platform.

  5. (Un)blocking accounts
  6. Customer accounts are managed at a European level, with visibility of individual buyer activities across all countries. This allows us to manage cancellations and account blocking/unblocking in a transparent and standardised manner.

  7. Parking fees
  8. For non-EU buyers we gave some more time to pick up their purchases, as to prevent parking fees.

  9. Claims handling
  10. We increased transparency and alignment of the claims handling process across Europe.

New Terms & Conditions to accept per April 1st 2022

We will ask you to accept our Terms & Conditions during the first time you log in to our sales platform after April 1st.

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