Process to submit a claim

At BCA we want to ensure your satisfaction. Thus why we have a dedicated team to process your claims.

How to claim something

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a vehicle does not always live up to the expected and obviously it is possible to file a complaint to BCA. NOTE: All vehicles must be checked when received from the transport company. Only faults and defects, that are immediately recorded at the CMR freight document before the handover of the vehicle, can be approved and processed by BCA. The claim must be announced to BCA within 24 hours from the receiving of the vehicle - and always through [email protected] 

Before submitting a claim

Check carefully our full claim policy included in our Terms and Conditions in the link below:

Terms & Conditions


The infomation we need::

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Date you recieved the vehicle
  • Reason for complaint
  • Photos of issues you want to claim

Please send the email to claim

Read Terms & Conditions