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Buying of used cars from Denmark, has never been easier than today

Every week up to 1.000 of young cars and all other types are offered in online auctions to professional car dealers all over Europe.

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Buyer fees

All buyer fees are without VAT and applicable for each vehicle bought. Extra fees is subject for some vehicles (will be mentionned on the car detail page if any).

Young cars auctions

Min. 270 € / Max 2,75%

Live Online Service 30 €

Other xBid auctions

Fixed 333 €

Physical auctions / Passenger Cars

(Invoiced in Danish currency)

Initial 10%                                (<20.000 Dkkr.)

Banded fee | 2.000 – 3.000    (>20.000 Dkkr.)

Physical auctions / LCV’s

(Invoiced in Danish currency)

Initial 10%                                 (<20.000 Dkkr.)

Banded fee | 2.200 – 3.000      (>20.000 Dkkr)

Still have questions?

For any after-sales information about a Danish sale or car, feel free to ask your dedicated import team !