Vår forpliktelse – er din tilfredshet.

Vi har tilgjengelig et spesialteam som kun jobber med klager på kjøretøy som er kjøpt i Spania.

Before making a claim:

Før du sender inn klage:

Vær oppmerksom på at følgende ikke aksepteres som klage.

Mekaniske eller annen skade på biler avertert som «solgt som de er»

På deler og tilbehør

Manglende deler som ikke reklameres ved mottak av bil.

Hvis skaden elle feilen har oppstått etter fristen har løpt ut.

Hvis kjøretøyet har fått mer enn 80 km etter leveranse.

For å vite alle detaljer på våre auksjonsvilkår – klikk på linken. Det er anbefalt å gjøre dette før du kjøper biler hos oss!




Claim form for BCA Spain


Attach a file
Attach a file
Attach a file
Attach a file
Attach a file
(Supported file formats pdf, jpg, tiff, png, gif.  The maximum size of each file must not exceed 2 MB.)


Cuadro Resumen Política Reclamaciones

*  Ved store objektive uoverenstemmelser med bakgrunn i den mekaniske tilstanden til kjøretøyet, skal handelen kanselleres umiddelbart. Er det en subjektiv forskjell skal en uavhengig ekspert undersøke. For biler «solgt som det er» eller biler med kjøpesum under 1500 € kan ingen klager sendes for mekaniske feil. Ved feil I infomasjonen på ikke mekaniske feil vil graden av feil på salgstidspunktet avgjøre om bilen kan avbestilles.

** Forsinkelser I endring av eierskap vurderes slik: Mer en 30 kalenderdager om dokumentene var tilgjengelig ved besiktigelse av kjøretøyet. Eller 60 dager om dokumentene ikke var tilgengelig. Hvis intet var spesifisert er 120 dager å betegne som forsinkelse


De vanligste spørsmålene til vår klagehåndtering.

Hva bør jeg vite før jeg byr på et kjøretøy

Know the state of the vehicle

It is recommended that you consult the mechanical and damage report and that you know how the degree of valuation of the vehicles works. Also check the photographs of the vehicle, because they will give you more information about the state it is in. In addition, the Comments field is vital in the purchase process, as it contains very relevant information, for example:

  • Vehicles that are marketed as "Venta en Estado" (sold as seen).
  • The status of the documentation (whether it is "ready for transfer" or whether it has any reported issues).
  • Other important comments that may not be included in the "Car Check" report.
  • The estimated amount of the internal and external expertise.

Cases in which a claim is not admisible

The vehicles "Venta en Estado" (sold as seen) do not admit claim when it is a question of discrepancies in the mechanical state or damages. The technical description of vehicles known as "Venta en Estado"  is indicative and intended for a car professional. It is important to bear this in mind when bidding, as there is a certain risk that must be assumed by the buyer.

Wear elements of the vehicle, such as batteries, tyres, shock absorbers, bearings, rubbers, brakes, etc., are excluded from any claim.

We do not carry out tuning

BCA does not perform any maintenance or repair prior to the sale of a vehicle. BCA only sells to professionals and all vehicles need to be tuned and reconditioned before they are marketed. The professional purchaser is responsible for making the necessary improvements, as well as checking the state of the documentation, before driving the vehicle or marketing it to the end customer, under the conditions established by Law.

Hvordan er klageprosessen?

1. BCA communicates receipt of complaint

Within a maximum of 24 working hours assigning a case number. If the claim has been made within the established deadlines, you will be informed in that email that the case proceeds, and the BCA Respondedepartment will work to give you a response as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, the claim is made after the established deadline, you will be informed that it has not been accepted and the file will be closed. If you have not received the email with the opening of the case after 24 hours, please contact again with BCA Responde: +34 949 26 30 00.

2. Request for additional information and documents if applicable

Additional information may be required in the complaint process. You have maximum of 48 working hours to provide the information requested, unless an expert diagnosis or judgement is required, in which case the maximum period will be 72 working hours. After this period, it will be understood that you waive your right to claim and BCA will consider the claim closed.

3. Resolution

The BCA Responde department will give you a written resolution response as soon as possible.

Hvilke frister gjelder I hvert tilfelle?

Withdrawals in BCA compounds

By yourself / by an authorized person / by a carrier: In these cases the vehicle is considered delivered at the time of withdrawal from BCA and the following deadlines and mileage limit apply to claim:

  1. Data relating to the vehicle: claim within 48 hours and a maximum of 80 km travelled including the return to BCA.
  2. Expertise and mechanical condition: claim within 2 hours and a maximum of 80 km travelled including the return to BCA.
  3. Missing: If you pick up the vehicle (or it is picked up by an authorized person or company) the claim must be made at the time of withdrawal, noting the discrepancy found on the exit sheet or delivery note.

Vehicles transported by BCA

The vehicle is considered to be delivered at the time of signing the delivery note by the buyer.

  1. Vehicle data: claim within 48 hours and a maximum of 80 km including the return journey to BCA.
  2. Expertise and mechanical condition: claim within 2 hours and a maximum of 80 km including the return journey to BCA.
  3. Missing: It must be recorded on the delivery note. If so, it is possible to claim within 48 hours of delivery.
  4.  If appropriate, BCA will collect the vehicle from the buyer's premises for verification or return.

Withdrawals in external compounds

By yourself / by an authorised person / by a transport company: If you find any discrepancy in the vehicle, you must note it on the delivery note and immediately make the claim applying the corresponding deadlines depending on the type of incident.

Jeg skal hente en bil, hva bør jeg sjekke før jeg reiser fra BCA

When planning the withdrawal of your vehicle, please take into account the closing hours of the BCA facilities and the hours of operation of the BCA Responde department, as well as the maximum period of 2 hours / 80 kms including the return to BCA.

Whether you withdraw yourself as an authorized person or your carrier, it is important that that person:

  • Verify that the condition of the vehicle is the same as that published at auction.
  • Check that all the accessories that were advertised are delivered to you.
  • If you detect an anomaly in the vehicle, never leave the premises without having reported the incident.

Keep in mind that when your carrier or authorized person picks up a vehicle for you, it's as if you picked it up yourself.

Kan jeg reparere en bil og så klage?

Never repair or modify a vehicle on which you wish to make a claim without BCA's authorization. If you have contracted transport with BCA, you must contact BCA Responde within 2 hours of delivery and as long as it has not travelled more than 80 kilometres.

If you (or any authorized by you, your collaborator or carrier) have removed the vehicle from BCA's premises, you must still return within 2 hours or 80 km including the return journey.

Can jeg sende en epost med min klage?

If you send an email with your complaint, it will not be registered: In order for a complaint to be correctly registered, it must be done in such a way that all the information necessary for its processing is complete and available; therefore, you must use the channels we provide exclusively for this purpose.

We remind you that the ways to make a claim are:

  • Web form: Whenever possible, choose this way to process your claim because it is the fastest way to get a resolution.
  • By telephone through BCA Responde +34 949 26 30 00.

Please note that the date and time marked on both forms or at the time of assigning the case number (for those received by telephone) are those that BCA takes into account to establish whether a claim is timely.

Kan jeg kontakte min salgsrepresentant for å løse min klage?

At BCA we have a Claims Department, BCA Responde, dedicated exclusively to your care, where a specialised person will be in charge of managing and resolving your claim as soon as possible.

Your sales representative will be aware of your case and will contact you when appropriate; however, he will not intervene in the resolution or management of your complaint.

Hva gjør jeg om jeg ikke kommer gjennom til klageavdelingen på telefon?

The BCA Responde department will attend to you as soon as possible, to avoid waiting we remind you that you have at your disposal the form on our website, which you can access from different devices (computer, tablet, mobile): Use this link to access.

This is the best way to make a claim, because the department will instantly have all the data to start working on the resolution and you will receive a case number that assures you that the claim has been registered.

To issue your claim via web form is necessary to enter your Remarketing user code, which you can find on the invoice and in the welcome email as a customer. Fill in your personal details, the reason for the complaint and attach the documents you have in reference to the case.

Det er en forskjell mellom kjøretøyet og informasjon som er publisert i auksjonen. Hvilke muligheter har jeg?

This would be a case of a claim due to a failure in the information: You must present your claim indicating the error detected. Once the discrepancy has been confirmed, BCA may offer you the option of cancelling the vehicle.

You have 48 hours to make a claim in the event of an error in the description of the vehicle and 2 hours in the case of differences in the appraisal and mechanical condition. Remember that, in both cases, the vehicle must not have undergone any modifications or have travelled more than 80 km (including the return journey to BCA facilities) for BCA staff to verify the discrepancies indicated.

Ved henting av kjøretøyet mangldet det en nøkkel eller en annen del – hva gjør jeg?

You must file a claim at that time, in these forms as the case may be:

  • If you or your carrier picks up the vehicle at BCA, you must report the incident and note it on the delivery note or departure sheet before taking it away.
  • If you are transporting with BCA or withdrawals from an external campaign, you must note the missing item on the departure or delivery note before the carrier leaves. So that you can make the appropriate checks, tell the BCA carrier and it will wait up to 15 minutes.


Jeg har avtale på levering gjennom BCA – hva gjør jeg hvis kjøretøyet blir forsinket?

BCA will compensate you when the final delivery time of the transport does not coincide with the estimated delivery time that we publish in the section Transport/Rates and Deadlines on our website.

The bonus conditions are also published on the website, in the section Services/Transport/Bonus for Delay.

The claim must be made within 48 working hours after receipt of the vehicle, enclosing the delivery note where you have noted the date of delivery.

Hva gjør jeg om bilen (transport gjennom BCA) er i en tilstand som er annerledes enn den var på kjøptstidspunktet?

In order to process this claim it is essential that you write down the damage and the date of delivery on the delivery note of the arrival of the vehicle. We remind you that, if you indicate it, the BCA transporter must wait 15 minutes so that you can make the appropriate checks.

Subsequently, you can issue the claim via telephone or via web form; if you choose the latter, the registration of the case will be done automatically and you will be able to attach a copy of the delivery note of arrival, shortening the resolution times.

Jeg kjøpte en bil og dokumentene er forsinket, hvilke muligheter har jeg

Your options depend on the status of the vehicle documentation at the time of purchase. Consult this information before bidding, either in the printed catalogue you receive when you access the physical auctions, or on the web, in the Comments field when you click on a vehicle.

BCA will offer the buyer the option to cancel the sale of a vehicle if the documentation has not been transferred, according to the following deadlines:

  1. When we indicate "Doc. OK" or "Doc. lista" (Documentation ready for transfer): from 30 days*.
  2. When we indicate that they have reservation of domain or Leasing in process of cancellation: from 120 days*.
  3. If we do not specify anything about the documentation, the period will be from 60 days*.

* Counted from the date of payment of the vehicle by the buyer. The days of delay attributable to the buyer are excluded, as in the case of missing documents on his part.

If you accept a cancellation, BCA will return the amounts paid in the purchase invoice, always up to a maximum of € 800 and depending on the possible improvements made to the vehicle, once you credit them.

Jeg er blitt informert om en kansellasjon av et kjøretøy. Hvor lang tid har jeg på og returnere det. Hvilke krav er nødvendig ?

Once the cancellation has been communicated, a maximum delivery time of the vehicle, with the documentation and accessories, of 48 working hours is established at the nearest BCA centre. After this period, the customer shall be deemed to have waived its right to make a claim and BCA shall consider the claim closed.

BCA will make payment for the vehicle and the agreed amount, if applicable, when the following requirements are met:

  • That the vehicle is in BCA's facilities.
  • That BCA has checked and verified the reason for the claim.
  • The vehicle is in the same condition as when it left BCA's premises.
  • That the client has sent the duly signed settlement and/or any other document (including the vehicle documentation) necessary to make the refund.


Er dokumentene til kjøretøyet klare på leveringstidspunktet?

Is not always. Vehicles marketed by BCA may be at some point in the transfer process to the buyer client in a state of Temporary traffic Loss. It is the buyer's responsibility to know the state of the vehicle's documentation before driving with it, assuming all the responsibilities.


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