A. General

I. Sales events, legally binding Terms and Conditions
BCA AutoRemarketing AG (hereinafter "BCA") is an auction house in which pre-owned vehicles and used accessories are sold and auctioned.
These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") apply to all consignments, auctions and other contracts of sale brokered by BCA of vehicles and accessories, as well as to all online auctions, bidding rounds, direct sales through fixed-price markets and sales by telephone and fax (hereinafter "Sales"). They apply in particular to the legal relationship between BCA and the consignor and between BCA and the buyer, as well as to the legal relationship between the seller and buyer. They are an integral part of all legal relations.
These Terms and Conditions are available on the website of BCA in a printable version and from the offices of BCA.
The legal validity of these Terms is acknowledged by consignors and buyers on their first registration with BCA:

• by the opportunity at any time to familiarise themselves in all locations where sales of BCA are performed with the Terms either posted or made available;
• or by familiarising themselves with the Terms posted on the website of BCA;
• or by logging onto the website of BCA;
• or by returning an acknowledgment of receipt of these Terms and Conditions;
• or by returning the deposit form for vehicles.

These Terms and Conditions accordingly apply to all sales initiated and completed with BCA. Changes to the Terms and Conditions are notified in the same form to consignors and buyers.

II. Admission requirements, traders
1) Only traders in the automotive sector are admitted to all specified sales of BCA. Buyers have to prove their identity in their application by submitting a certificate of registration and identity card/passport. Any representation requires the written authorisation of the buyer. The revocation of a proxy given must be notified immediately to BCA. If the buyer fails to make such notification, he will be liable to BCA according to the principles of implicit and passive authorisation. BCA may require proof of the commercial activity of a buyer again at any time.

2) Buyers/suppliers from Switzerland agree on initial business contact with BCA immediately to submit a valid VAT number (VAT No.). This VAT No. is used for the contractual relationship between BCA and the buyer/consignor, until such time as it is revoked in writing by the buyer/consignor. By using the VAT No. the buyer/consignor confirms that the contractual relationships with BCA is attributable to its business which is liable for VAT.

3) Buyers/suppliers from a country outside Switzerland undertake on their initial business contact with BCA immediately to submit a valid VAT identification number (VAT ID no.) (a certificate issued by the competent tax office for them on their commercial status). The date of issue of this certificate may not be older than twelve months. After this period, an updated certificate must be submitted to BCA. The certificate must contain the following information:
• Address of the competent tax authority
• Full name, seat and address of the firm
• Indication of the kind of entrepreneurial activity
• Reference to sales tax liability and tax identification number.

By registering with BCA the buyer/consignor confirms that the contract with BCA is attributable to its business which is liable to sales tax.

III. Legal status of BCA
BCA auctions vehicles/accessory in the name of other parties and on its own account. BCA collects the purchase price plus the buyer's premium in its own name. The consignor hereby assigned to BCA all rights under the purchase contract concluded with the buyer. BCA hereby accepts the assignment. BCA is only required to name the consignor in the cases under Chapter D (defect liability) of these Terms and Conditions.

IV. Commissions/Fees
All fees and charges such as the consignor and buyer's premium, the acquisition, cancellation, stand, transport, export and default processing fee and the administrative listing fees and any other fees for other services of BCA are given in the current price lists. These price lists are available at all locations where sales of BCA are carried out or can be sent on request. Changes and deviations from these fees are subject to special written agreement between BCA and the buyer/consignor.

B. Consignment guidelines

I. Data and information content
The seller must describe the vehicle that is to be marketed correctly and fully. He must truthfully indicate all the properties and characteristics standardly regarded as essential for the purchase decision, as well as specify defects. For this purpose he receives from BCA an admission form in which he must complete all prescribed data and information.
This includes in particular the following information:

• Vehicle identification number. (FIN no./Chassis no.)
• Date of first registration
• Number of holders
• Previous use/origin of the vehicle (e.g. Re-Import)
• Trim
• Condition Description
• Minimum Price
• Information about taxation
• Mileage
• Accidents/predamages

Accidents/predamages, as well as technical defects, must be indicated by the consignor in a detailed and comprehensive manner, in the case of accident damage, if known, by an estimate of repair costs. He must ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and safe for traffic. Should the vehicle not be in running and/or roadworthy condition, he must record this explicitly on the consignment form.

II. Accuracy and completeness, liability
BCA is entitled at any time to exclude a vehicle from participating in auctions if BCA notes that the information provided by the consignor does not match the actual state of the vehicle. There is, however, no obligation, in particular with regard to previous damage/accident damage, for BCA to do so. The description and/or photos of the vehicle/trim may not contain advertising for other vehicles or accessories. The consignor must check the data, specifications and descriptions after they have been recorded by BCA and sent to it by the panel list, for their accuracy and completeness. Any discrepancies must be notified immediately in writing to BCA. If there are discrepancies, which the consignor does not object to in writing, he is liable for damages resulting from them.

III. Consignment/risks
1) The consignor must consign the vehicle to be delivered no later than three working days before the auction date, namely on weekdays between 08.00 and 16.30, to BCA. The costs of transport, including transport insurance, are borne by the consignor. On admission, the vehicle ID and the key must be handed over to BCA or to a service provider commissioned by BCA. For cars from abroad, foreign licencing and registration certificates as well as the COC document must be handed over. These vehicle documents and the key must be present in the auction centre no later than one working day prior to the auction. For vehicles that come from abroad, BCA must be given the relevant documents of the competent foreign authority.

2) For vehicles to be auctioned in the context of online auctions, bidding rounds, direct sales through fixed-price markets and sale by telephone and fax, the consignor must ensure that the papers specified in Section B. III, par. 1 above, and the car keys are at the location of the vehicle at least one day before the start of a sale.

3) Vehicles consigned to BCA will be parked on open land. No special protection will be provided against natural disasters, accidental loss, theft and/or damage to property, unless a special agreement has been made with BCA. A liability of BCA is only possible in cases of gross negligence or intent.

IV. Legal consequences in case of default
If the vehicle documents on the Section B. III, par. 1 are not or not fully completed and submitted to BCA by this time, BCA is entitled to charge the consignor a default processing fee. In addition, BCA is entitled to charge a cancellation charge amounting to CHF 50.00 plus VAT per day from the second day. The vendor is entitled to prove that there have been no damages or not in this amount. BCA reserves the right to claim further damages. BCA is also authorised to withdraw vehicles for which the vehicle documents are not provided within the prescribed period from auction. If a consignor, after auction of the vehicle, fails to submit the vehicle identification certificate within a period of two working days, the consignor will be liable for any damage resulting from this. In addition, BCA is entitled to demand back the purchase price already paid to the consignor.

V. Authority for disposal
The consignor warrants that he is entitled to freely dispose of the vehicle /accessories offered and that it is not encumbered with third-party rights.

VI. Cost exemption
The consignor will exempt BCA of all costs incurred by BCA because the information provided according to Chapter B. I is faulty and/or the vehicle/trim is not free of rights. This also includes the cost of legal proceedings.

VII. Costs in case of withdrawal of a consignment
If the consignor or BCA, for any of the reasons mentioned in Chapter B. II and III, withdraw a vehicle/trim from a sale, BCA will charge the consignor a penalty in the amount of the seller commission and the consignor commission. Similarly, the consignor must reimburse BCA for the costs of cancellation, preparation and presentation, which he has either ordered or which were necessary.

VIII. Damages for cancellation
1) If the contract of sale between the seller and buyer is cancelled for legitimate claims, in particular the lack of car certificates, car certificate with incorrect details of the seller or because the vehicle/trim is not free of rights of third parties, the consignor must reimburse to BCA the consignor and Seller commission, as well as any other damages, including lost profits. In addition, he also must compensate the loss of the buyer, including lost profits, which the buyer is required to prove.

2) If a cancellation takes place for reasons of goodwill, the buyer has no claim for damages against BCA and/or the consignor.
IX. Prohibition of own and multiple bids
During the term of an auction, the consignor is not permitted himself to make bids on a vehicle/trim he has submitted. Furthermore, he is not allowed to submit a vehicle/trim at the same time in other sales. In the event of infringement, BCA is entitled to block the consignor.

X. Commission ban of the consignor
The vendor is not permitted to charge BCA and/or the buyer fees and/or commissions.

XI. Representation of the consignor
Before, during and after a sale, the consignor must designate to BCA in writing a duly authorised person who, inter alia, is also entitled to decide on any reduction in the minimum price.

XII. Entry fee, consignor commission and administration listing fee
BCA will charge the consignor for the vehicle/trim and entry fee and a consignor commission. For each vehicle an administrative listing fee will be charged at least once, regardless of whether the vehicle is sold in the first or a subsequent auction.

C. Auction conditions

I. Registration
1) To use the services of BCA, consignors and buyers must be registered with it. There is no entitlement to acceptance of the application. Registration is free and takes place through full specification of the data requested by BCA and the signature/approval of the Terms and Conditions.

2) If BCA accepts the registration of a buyer, he receives a client number.

3) If a buyer wants to use the service "BCA Online" and BCA has accepted his application, he is given a user name and is requested to indicate a password to identify his bids. This password may not consist of an e-mail or web address, may not infringe any third party rights and may not be an offence against public decency. The buyer is liable for any misuse of the password.

II. Approval
1) The buyer will receive his approval from BCA with the acceptance of his registration.

2) When using the service "BCA Online" he receives his authorisation by fax or e-mail within two business days after registration.

3) The buyer and the consignor are required to inform BCA immediately of any data changes arising after their registration in writing.

4) BCA is entitled to refuse or to withdraw approval without giving any reasons. An approval must be denied or withdrawn in particular in the event of

• False information when registering
• Misuse of the services of BCA
• Infringement of third party rights
• Damage or interference with the functioning of the services of BCA
• Delay/non-performance of contract terms
• Legal disputes
• Infringements of the Terms and Conditions
• Opposition to these and/or amended Terms and Conditions
• Insolvency or composition proceedings over the assets of the buyer or rejection of insolvency proceedings for lack of assets.

III. Blocking
In the presence of one of the reasons mentioned in Section C. II, par. 4, BCA reserves the right in addition to block the buyer for other sales of BCA.

IV. Deregistration
The buyer and the consignor may at any time deregister by writing to BCA with immediate effect.

V. Revocation
If he has not yet used the services of BCA, the buyer and the consignor may also revoke his registration in writing within two weeks.

VI. Use of the Services
Consignors and buyers may use the services of BCA only in the manner intended. BCA may extend or restrict its services at any time.

VII. Exclusion of sales
BCA has the right to exclude buyers from sales without giving a reason.

VIII. Privacy/use of stored data
1) BCA is entitled to collect, store, process and use personal data for its own purposes. BCA must in particular observe the provisions of the Federal Act on Data Protection.

2) BCA is in particular entitled to use the data and information for sale
• in the context of the use of the services of BCA by the consignor/buyer and publicise it to the extent necessary for the use of these services,
• send it to the parties to a sales contract, to the extent necessary,
• send it to third parties if this is necessary for the legitimate interests of third parties or the public interest, e.g. when it is used to resolve a misuse of the auction house or a general prosecution,
• share it in other cases, by consent of the seller/buyer.

The dispatch of data to European sister companies of BCA is allowed. There will be no further use of the data.

3) If the consignor/buyer has withdrawn his application, he will be entitled to delete the stored data, unless BCA still requires it for the execution of contracts.

4) The data/images made available by BCA may not be used by the consignor/buyer without the consent of BCA.

5) It is not permitted for consignors and buyers to use contact details and addresses and other content located on the site of BCA for commercial advertising.

IX. Conduct of auctions
1) Information on equipment, accessories, mileage and accident damage does not generate any claim to completeness or accuracy and is used only as a guide.

2) The applicable currency for the auctions is the CHF. The amount of the bid steps is CHF 100.00 or CHF 200.00 and is determined by the auctioneer.

3) The buyer is not allowed to have bids made by a third-party in the auction. The placement of a bid is only valid if it is issued in compliance with the procedure stipulated by BCA. BCA reserves the right to reject bids without giving any reason. Through a bid a binding offer is made to acquire the vehicle/trim. If a buyer is claiming that he has made no or no effective bid, he will bear the burden of proof.

4) In the event that the highest bid is below the reserve price set by the consignor, BCA may accept this bid subject to the consent of the consignor. If BCA accepts such a bid, the auctioneer explicitly declares that the acceptance must be subject to reserve. If consent is refused, no purchase contract is concluded with the consignor. Otherwise, the contract of sale of BCA is declared unconditional.

5) BCA is further entitled to notify a maximum bid, which is below the reserve price set by the consignor, to the consignor, so that he can optionally accept this offer. The buyer remains bound by his bid for this reason after the end of the auction, for a period of two working days. If the consignor accepts this bid, the buyer will receive the allocation.

6) On the allocation a contract of sale is concluded between the seller and the buyer. At the same time, the purchase price passes from the seller to the buyer by way of transfer to BCA.

7) The risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration, particularly from the reasons mentioned in Section B. III, par. 3, such as natural disasters, theft and/or damage to property, are in no time the responsibility of BCA unless some other special agreement has been made with BCA. The seller will bear this risk until the date of the bid. After the allocation, the risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration passes to the buyer.

X. Special features when using the service "BCA-Online"
1) The dates of the online auctions and bidding rounds will be announced on the website of BCA.

2) Each online auction/bidding round has a fixed term. BCA reserves the right, however, to shorten this term or to renew or cancel online auctions/bid rounds without a contract of sale.

3) The buyer is not permitted to make bids at the same online auction/bidding round through another user access.

4) If a condition report of an expert agency is available, it can be found on the website of BCA. With deviations from the general vehicle description, the information in the status report is decisive.

5) After completion of the online auction/bidding round, the bids received are checked and after reaching the reserve price the contract will be awarded to the highest bidder. If there are two identical highest bids, the one that was delivered first will win the contract.

6) If BCA accepts subject to reserve a maximum bid, which is under the reserve price set by the consignor, this reserve must be explicitly indicated on the website of BCA.

7) If the buyer is successful, he will be informed of this with an indication of the collection location. The risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the vehicle/trim provisions is governed by Section C. IX, par. 7 as appropriate.

XI. Purchase price
1) Purchase price for regular taxable vehicles
a. The accepted bid prices are in principle gross prices, i.e. they include VAT. There is also a buyer's premium. The buyer's premium does not include VAT. If, in exceptional cases, net prices are applied, BCA will explicitly indicate this in writing.
b. A buyer based in a country outside Switzerland must pay the accepted bid price net. In addition, BCA will charge a security deposit for the amount of VAT. BCA will refund this security deposit to the buyer, as soon as he has proven that the vehicle purchased has been exported from Switzerland. For this purpose, the buyer submits the form issued by the Federal Customs Administration at the Swiss border, the "export customs clearance document" or the form "assessment decision export", to BCA. Once this form is submitted, the security deposit will be refunded to the client's account.

2) Purchase price for vehicles for which the fictitious deduction of advance tax applies
The accepted bid prices are final. There is also a buyer's premium. The VAT on the accepted bid price and the buyer's premium is non-refundable.

3) The accepted bid price is payable immediately on the conclusion of the sales contract (allocation). It must be paid in non-cash form.

4) A buyer with headquarters outside Switzerland must pay the costs incurred by the foreign bank transfer charges.

5) The accepted bid price applied from the location of each vehicle/trim. Any transfer costs are borne by the buyer. It is therefore the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of the respective location of the vehicle/trim in his bid.

6) If several vehicles/accessories are bought by the buyer on an auction day, BCA reserves the right to grant the release for collection only after full payment of all vehicles/accessories auctioned by it on that auction day.

XII. Obligations of the buyer/rights of BCA
1) The contract requires the buyer to immediately pay the purchase price, including all fees and expenses incurred, and accept the vehicle/trim. The occurrence of default does not require a reminder. The Expiration Date is the date of conclusion of the purchase contract/allocation) (Art. 102 par. 2 OR).

2) Payment must be made by bank transfer immediately on receipt in CHF. If the payment were made in another currency (e.g. in Euros) and a difference in the invoice amount results from this conversion, this amount would be claimed. Until full payment of the vehicle, or receipt of the complete invoice amount on the account of BCA, no release will be granted for collection/delivery of the vehicle.

3) The ownership by the consignor of the auctioned vehicle/trim is only transferred to the buyer after complete and irrevocable receipt of the purchase price on the account of BCA.

4) The auctioned vehicle/trim must be collected by the buyer within two business days after the release from the BCA site (including client parking area). In the case of a "BCA Online" sale, the collection within this period must be made from the collection location indicated to the buyer by BCA. Should the buyer fail to comply with this obligation, BCA can, from the fifth business day after the bid, charge parking fees and/or have the vehicle towed or secured at the expense of the buyer.

5) If on delivery of the vehicle, the vehicle documents or parts of them cannot be provided, BCA will send them to the buyer by post. The cost of dispatch is borne by BCA.
a) If the vehicle documents are lost by the client during dispatch, BCA will ensure their replacement, and BCA must bear the costs.
b) If the registration papers are lost for the end user, BCA will ensure replacement, and the client will pay the costs.

6) BCA has settled a lien on the vehicle documents until all claims of BCA against the buyer from other auctions have been settled. In the event that the buyer refuses to accept and/or the purchase price is not paid even after a written formal notice by BCA, BCA is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to claim damages for non-performance.

7) In such a case, BCA is entitled to auction the vehicle/trim again. If the purchase price owed by the buyer is achieved in this auction, the original buyer is required to pay the additional consignor commission for this auction to BCA. If this purchase price is not reached, BCA can place the vehicle/trim in another auction, appropriate for the vehicle, or allocate the contract for the lower bid price. This is to be deducted from the purchase price owed by the first buyer. The resulting difference plus consignor commission(s) for the other auction(s) performed, as well as state charges, must be paid from the third day after the due date of the purchase price by the first buyer. The claim is subject to an interest rate of 8%.

8) Even if a profit is made at a second auction, the obligation of the original buyer to pay the additional consignor commission(s), buyer's premium(s) and state fees incurred will continue. He is not entitled to offset against the surplus revenues generated.

9) The buyer is required to notify defects and missing accessories in writing immediately after delivery of the vehicle. Immediately means a complaint being made by 24:00 on the day after the transfer day. If the car is handed over to a transport company on the order of the buyer, then when handed over to it a transfer-for-transport certificate must be drawn up. This transfer-for-transport certificate must include identified visible damage. For damage to the vehicle resulting in transit the transport company will be exclusively liable. In the case of transfer to a transport company, the notice period is extended to 24.00 on the day after delivery of the vehicle by the transport company to the buyer, but at the latest 24.00 on the sixth day after handing over to the transport company. Defects must be notified in writing. Later, as well as oral/telephonic complaints cannot be considered. BCA will examine the defects alleged in writing and inform the buyer and/or the consignor in writing of the results of the examination of the complaint. A complaint does not relieve the buyer from the obligation of full payment.

10) If enforcement measures are asserted against the buyer at a time at which he is the possessor, but not yet the owner, of the auctioned vehicle/trim, the buyer must inform the creditors pursuing enforcement about the retention of title by the consignor and immediately notify BCA about the enforcement proceedings instigated against him. If the buyer fails to make reference to the retention of title of the seller, he is liable to the consignor and BCA, beyond the purchase price, for any other damages resulting from this.

XIII. Obligations of the consignor
1) The consignor undertakes to collect a vehicle/trim that has not been sold, no later than the end of the third banking day (for BCA Online the fourth banking day) after the auction at his own expense and risk, unless it is placed in another auction. This means that the vehicle must be removed from the BCA site (including client parking) or the collection location notified to the buyer (Section C. X par. 7). Should the consignor fail to meet this obligation, BCA can charge parking fees and/or have the vehicle towed and secured at the expense of the consignor.
The supplier is required to notify defects and missing accessories in writing immediately on collection of the vehicle. Section C. XII, par. 9 applies for the timeliness of the notice. After expiry of the three-day period (for BCA online four-day period), BCA will store the vehicle at the expense and risk of the consignor. BCA will charge stand fees. Unless a vehicle/trim is placed again in an auction, BCA will charge the consignor a further consignor commission.

2) Following the sale, the consignor will send BCA an invoice for the auctioned vehicle/trim. Commissions and fees that the consignor must pay to BCA must not be offset against it.

3) BCA must arrange to discharge this account no later than six business days following payment of the purchase price and all charges incurred by the buyer. If the transfer is to take place abroad, the fees incurred are to be borne by the consignor.

4) If BCA withdraws from a sales contract for a vehicle/trim and payment has already been made to the consignor, the ownership of the auctioned vehicle/trim passes to BCA.

5) If in accordance with Section C. XII, par. 6 and 7 a re-auction of the vehicle becomes necessary, BCA is entitled to the resulting profit because of the increased operating and administrative expenses.

6) If the vehicle/trim is not auctioned and is again placed in an auction, BCA may charge the consignor a further administration listing fee.

XIV. Transport
1) The buyer has the following options for transport to the collection of the vehicle or the consignor for transport to BCA or for the return of an unsold vehicle/trim 
• Hiring a transport company by BCA - invoicing by BCA
• Introduction of a transport company by BCA - invoicing by the transport company to the buyer/consignor
• Hiring a transport company by the consignor/buyer
• Collection

2) The acquisition of the vehicle or accessories can take place on a weekday (except Saturdays) from 8.00 - 11.00 and 13.30 - 16.30 in any collection location of BCA.
For the collection of the vehicle/trim, the following must be shown:
• Written agreed collection date
• Purchase list/invoice
• Identity card/passport

In the case of collection by third parties:
• Written agreed collection date
• Copy of purchase list/invoice
• Identity card/passport
• Power of attorney of the buyer.

With return transport for the consignor:
• Written agreed collection date
• Authority of the consignor
• Identity card/passport

D. Liability for defects

Any liability for defects is excluded. Vehicles and accessories are sold in the state in which they are at the time of contract allocation. Used vehicles have the wear corresponding to their age or mileage. BCA is not the owner of the vehicles/accessories and is not responsible for a particular characteristic or properties of the vehicle/trim. Similarly, BCA is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the consignor. This means in particular information concerning a specific condition or characteristic of the vehicle/trim and its fittings. For this information the sole responsibility rests with the consignor. Vehicles/equipment are not subject to technical review of BCA. The seller agrees that BCA will give the buyer his name if he asserts defect liability claims that are not manifestly unfounded and the buyer makes the disclosure of the consignor in writing.

The defect liability exclusion does not apply in cases of malice and for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, based on a negligent breach of duty by BCA/the consignor or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of BCA/the consignor. It also does not apply to any other damages based on a grossly negligent breach of duty by BCA/the consignor or an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of BCA/the consignor.

E. Liability

I. Use of the services
BCA is not liable for damages arising to consignors, buyers or third parties in connection with the use of the services of BCA, in particular for damages that are attributable to the fact that due to technical defects bids were not received at BCA in time or not considered. The same applies to any damages which arise from the fact that vehicles/equipment were not described accurately or not to the extent necessary for maintenance or updates, or similar, and BCA reserves the right of temporary disabling of its website and its system.

II. Intent/gross negligence/cardinal obligations
BCA is liable to consignors and buyers only in the case of intent and gross negligence. Any further liability is excluded. This exclusion does not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, based on a negligent breach of duty by BCA or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of BCA.

III. Liability of users
Participants and visitors of BCA are liable for damage they cause culpably on the premises of BCA.

IV. Manufacturer warranties
Existing manufacturers' warranties will not be affected by the sales.

F. Final Provisions

I. Place of performance/legal venue
These Terms and Conditions are governed by Swiss law.
The place of performance and legal venue is Willisau. Willisau is also always the jurisdiction when the vendor and/or buyer have no general legal venue in Switzerland. The United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the rules of private international law do not apply. The contractual and auction language is German. If documents in a different language are used (e.g. contracts, business conditions, business correspondence), they are for information only. The German version will take precedence.

II. Severability
If any of the above clauses are invalid, this will not affect the validity of these conditions in their entirety. In place of the invalid clause, a provision will be introduced that comes as close as possible to the sense and the economic purpose of the invalid clause.

House rules
1) BCA has the right without giving any reason to refuse admission to persons to the premises of BCA or to participation in auctions.
2) Trade with third parties on the premises of BCA is not permitted. In the event of infringement, BCA is entitled to remove approval from the persons or companies concerned.
3) The consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of BCA is not permitted.
4) The provisions of the Road Traffic Act apply on the premises of BCA (SVG).
5) Minors are not permitted access to the premises of BCA unless accompanied by an adult.
6) The parking of vehicles acquired on the client car park is not permitted.

Price List – BCA AutoRemarketing Switzerland Ltd.

Charges per vehicle 

Charges per vehicle 

Amount in Swiss francs 

Supplier’s commission equal to 1.6 % of the final bid price Min. CHF200.-
Administrative entry fee CHF100.-

Registration fee for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes (incl. handling, washing and surveys, including damage surveys)

Buyer’s commission (buyer) equal to 1.6 % of the final bid price Min. CHF200.-
Vehicle preparation fee after purchase per vehicle CHF39.-
Free vehicle storage for 5 working days from the invoice date; parking fee for each additional day: CHF21.-
Default processing fee CHF49.-

Fees and prices are per vehicle (when not stated otherwise) Prices are net (excl. 19% VAT)