Showroom Ready

The best way for a quick deal!

Showroom Ready - What is it?

Showroom Ready is BCA's quality label for vehicles that are fit to resell straight away. These vehicles are all already prepped / reconditioned, if necessary, to ensure:

  • A mechanical good car,
  • That is looking good, interior and exterior.

Your advantages

  • Ideal to support your stock rotation: buy - pay - deliver - resell.
  • No additional work or effort from your side is needed to resell (maybe just a beauty wash).
  • You purchase quickly and conveniently at fixed prices.
  • Daily fresh stock to pick and choose.
  • Transport is for EU buyers automatic and fee is easily found in the transport calculator, If the car is international.

Take your business advantage with Showroom Ready Vehicles and check out what is in stock, for you to resell. 

Need support?

For further information, please, contact our European Support Team at +34 949 263 000.