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BCA Transportation Service

We offer you a transport service even for vehicles that you have not bought from us. Check your quote easily with our transport calculator..

Calculate your price and delivery time

Enter the data in the calculator to know the price of your transport instantly.

This calculator works for all vehicles except motorcycles, HCV and damaged vehicles. For those cases consult the price in the transport rates below. Prices valid only in accessible destinations for a truck with a platform of 16 meters, and for vehicles that start and move by themselves. For other cases, please ask for a quote.

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Direct Transportation

Do you buy a lot with us? We make it easier for you. The Direct Transport service is an option that is activated for all the vehicles you buy at BCA. If you always transport with us, you are interested in activating it because you save time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to the most common questions about BCA Transport.

Why contract transport with BCA?

Because we offer a wide range of possibilities in collection and delivery of vehicles nationwide with a level of service completely personalized for all our customers.

  • We offer transportation service for any vehicle, regardless of whether you purchased it at BCA.
  • We have very competitive prices for all types of transport. Normal or early terminations of renting and/or financial companies.
  • We make a quick and flexible collection of exchange vehicles from dealers and aimed at remarketing.

How do I request transport with BCA?

To request a transport, simply send an email to [email protected]. You have two ways to contract it: 

1. With Direct Transportation: 

Indicate the delivery address of your vehicles and the auction centers from which you want to transport by default. You will begin to enjoy the service once you have accepted in writing the prices we have sent you.

2. For a single vehicle:

Indicate us:

  • Name of your company.
  • Registration number and model of the vehicle.
  • Origin and destination.

We will send you a proforma invoice with the amount of the service so that you can make the payment. We will not start the process until we receive it.

Can transport be included in the purchase invoice?

It is always more convenient to make a single season ticket for the vehicle and its corresponding transport.

Yes, you can: If you want to receive your invoices together because you always contract transport with us, you must subscribe to the Direct Transport service. You will save a lot of time and money.

Consult the conditions of the service in this same page.

Learn more about Direct Transport

Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How does Direct Transport work?

It is very simple: If you have Direct Transport activated, when you buy vehicles located in the BCA centres, we will include a line in the purchase invoice with the amount of the service, in this way you will receive a single invoice for the vehicle and its transport.

As soon as we receive the payment of this amount, we start transporting your vehicle where you have indicated when you activated it.

Keep in mind that this service will be applied by default to all the cars you buy in the BCA centres you have previously chosen, and always to the address you have indicated to us as your destination.

Will all the vehicles I buy be sent to me with Direct Transport?

No, not all of them will be sent. These are the exceptions:

  • Vehicles that are on the seller's compounds. To find out where the vehicle is before bidding, you can consult the location of the vehicle on our website, in the vehicle file, in the Location field.
  • Vehicles that have problems getting into normal transport (damaged or accidentally) and this must be done by specialised cranes.
  • Vehicles with Turnkey Transport: which are transported to any place in the peninsular territory at a price closed beforehand.

For all of them you must request transport by sending an email to [email protected] (except in the Turnkey, where the amount is closed to any national point within the peninsula).

Do you transport the vehicles from any BCA centre?

You choose the centres. You don't need to activate the service for everyone, you can do it only for the BCA centres you choose.

If you have already activated it for a centre from which you no longer wish to transport with Direct Transport, write to [email protected] indicating the BCA centre you want to take out of the service and we will send you the price table again without the details of that centre.

BCA Mallorca is not included in the service at the moment.

Can you deliver the vehicle to me in any type of installation?

It must be accessible.

We deliver on 16-metre platform trucks, so the only requirement for your facilities is that they are accessible for this type of vehicle. Otherwise, the delivery will be made in a nearby place previously agreed.

How do I deactivate the Direct Transport service?

It's very easy:

Just let us know at [email protected]. From that moment on, the cars you buy will no longer be invoiced with the transport included. You will be able to activate the service again whenever you wish.

Need help?

Write to [email protected] or call us to +34 949 263 000.