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Several thousand vehicles pass through our BCA vehicle check every week and so that you can buy at ease on the BCA marketplace, every single vehicle is carefully described and illustrated. We make all the information we have about a vehicle available to you online.


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VIN query

With just one click on the "Vehicle specifications" button in the vehicle description overview, you can directly start a VIN query for most of our vehicles and get further details on standard or optional equipment.

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Online documentation of obvious damage

The BCA vehicle check not only includes detailed pictures and descriptions of the vehicles but also documentation of obvious damage to the vehicle and is made available to you in the form of a visual condition description in our online catalogue. In addition, for some vehicles you will also find condition reports in PDF form and other important information in the comments field.

This is what we are taking a closer look at

So that we can provide you with all the vehicle details online, we take a close look at every vehicle. Please be sure to observe our terms and conditions for complaints in the event that your vehicle does not meet your expectations.

Additional BCA maintenance packages

Some of our vehicles receive additional preparation packages for interior and exterior cleaning. These maintanance packages are divided into the Basic, Comfort, Premium or Premium+ performance levels and are specially marked in the vehicle description from the Comfort package onwards.

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Optical condition classification

A quick glance is all it takes to directly see the visual condition of a vehicle with us and compare it with other vehicles, thanks to the visual condition classification of classes 1 to 5.

As with school grades, class 1 is the best classification value descending to class 5 or "U" for accident or heavily damaged vehicles.

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AutosOnShow provide video and imagery solutions for the automotive industry

With AutosOnShow, BCA offers video and image solutions for your simple and consistent vehicle presentation as well. The solutions are not only revolutionary and user-friendly, but they offer car dealers and automotive companies an affordable way to add consistent images and vehicle videos to their website in minutes!

Use the BCA image and video software also for your vehicle presentation

  •  Guided vehicle shots for a consistent sales look on your website or sales platform
  • Automatic exchange of the image background without having to drive your vehicle onto a presentation surface
  • Video tour of your vehicle for your customers
  • and much more
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