All About BCA

BCA is an European used car marketplace, where you can find a large variety of vehicles

Who are we?

For over 70 years, we have been bringing buyers & vendors together


BCA across Europe

Starting in 1946 as Southern Counties Car Auctions, we were one of the first companies to allow people across the UK the opportunity to buy and sell a wide range of cars at auction. At our first auction we sold 14 cars.

Today, British Car Auctions is part of BCA Marketplace plc and sells more than one million vehicles annually and are Europe’s largest vehicle remarketing company.
We are managing used car sales at more than 50 centres across 10 countries.


BCA in Germany

BCA Germany started in 1995. With more than 120,000 sold vehicles per year, it has developed into the market leader. The BCA Autoauktionen GmbH currently has more than 300 employees at its own sites in Berlin/Hoppegarten, Gross-Gerau, Dorfmark, Heidenheim and Neuss, as well as in the company headquarter in Neuss.

As an intermediary, BCA ensures a smooth, audit-proof execution of the transactions and supports the customers before, during and after a vehicle transaction. The full-service include consulting, inventory management, vehicle fleet management, assessment, description, invoicing, reporting, analysis, assurance, vehicle handling, logistics, all document handling and individual IT solutions. By taking over these tasks, BCA reduces the administrative burden on its customers and contributes significantly to the optimization of their purchase and sales results.

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