What's new?

Further improvements to optimize your customer experience with BCA.

Terms & Conditions changes

To be more clear in what you can expect from us and in what we expect from you, we have changed and concretised some texts in our Terms & Conditions around the following topics:

  1. Registration
  2. As we are in the automotive business we want to exclusively do business with buyers within the automotive branch that work within the European VAT regulations.

  3. Onboarding
  4. As purchasing in a European auction is no kids play, we would like to make sure our buyers understand the effects of their actions, for which we reserve time and means to inform you properly before entering the sales platform.

  5. (Un)blocking accounts
  6. For everybody's understanding we concretised when a cancellation is acceptable, when blocking occurs in case of non-appliant behaviour and, in case of a customer request for unblocking again, what debts need to be paid to whom for the request to be taken into account.

  7. Parking fees
  8. For non-EU buyers we gave some more time to pick up their purchases, as to prevent parking fees.

  9. Claims handling
  10. We concretised the steps in the claims handling process to be more transparant to you and further align over the countries.

Transparent leadtime of transport

To improve your expectations of our delivery service, we have adapted the way we communicate the transport leadtime in the BCA transport calculator.

As of April 2nd you will know exactly what to expect; the communicated automatic transport leadtime is the maximum number of days counted from the day of purchase, assuming you have paid the vehicle(s) within 48 hours after the purchase, instead of the number of days from day of vehicle release, which moment was not visible for you.

Improvements sales platform

During 2022 all BCA's selling countries will be migrating to a new version of the BCA auction system, starting with Germany and France in April.

The new platform will still be recognizable for you as a buyer, but will have some changed positions of buttons to navigate through the website and further improvements, such as

  • more vehicles visible during auctioning at the same time, 
  • a better website view on mobile, which makes it easier to bid and buy online and
  • an extension of bid and buy visibility in your MyBCA.

We will inform you per email when 'your' country migrates and offers you the above advantages.

New Terms & Conditions to accept per April 1st 2022

As a result of further improving BCA's customer journey, we have adapted our Terms & Conditions, which you will find here under for each BCA selling country. We ask you to accept our Terms & Conditions anew at the first time you log in to our sales platform after April 1st.

Do you have questions, doubts or need further support?

Please contact us by email or phone, we are happy to provide you with answers or assistance.