Save time and let BCA manage your paperwork!

Discover how we can help you to register a car


Enjoy your visit to the BCA and avoid going to the Conservatory. Count on a solid and reliable team that will ensure the entire documentation process you need.

How does it work?

- Deliver the documentation to BCA

- A BCA trata de todo o processo

- BCA deals with the whole process

- Your customer receives the documentation at home


- Property Transfers

- Name and Address Changes

- Legalization

- Search requests and certificates

- Mergers, leases, reserves and mortgages

- Request 2-way documents

- Scan and documents save

- Other services



Table prices

Property Transf. 

67,50 €

Property Transf. with fine

132,50 €

Property Transf. with reserve 

100,00 €

Property Transf. with reserve and fine

197,50 €

Property Transf. with tenancy

132,50 €

Property Transf. with tenancy and fine

197,50 €

Tenancy Extinctions

67,50 €

Tenancy Extinctions with fine

132,50 €


67,50 €


67,50 €

Merges with fine

132,50 €

Name changes

37,50 €

Name changes with fine

72,50 €

2nd way documents

32,50 €


27,50 €


12,50 €


To the values ​​presented it's added the VAT to the legal rate in force.

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