BEV Auctions

100% battery electric European stock with a fixed buyer fee of 350€. Closing every Tuesday & Friday, xBid from 09:00 AM.

European business opportunities

Take advantage of the growing BEV market and stock up, as your buyers will benefit from government incentives and/or tax exemptions for driving a BEV in most countries.

Periodic shifts in countries' incentive schemes influence your business opportunities for importing (or exporting) EVs and BEVs. Make sure you also check on vehicles abroad, as this will certainly benefit your business success!

Check out the government incentives per country, as published by FleetEurope:

EV incentives in 2024

Transparent vehicle description

To give you an insight in the quality status of typical electric vehicle aspects, BCA's standard vehicle description is extended for EV's paying special attention to:

  • battery size, ownership, and range,
  • description and picture of the charging cables,
  • description and picture of the charging port,
  • description and picture of dashboard, showing range and charge,
  • vehicle's ability to accept charge.


Convenient auction conditions

  • Fixed buyer fee of 350€ (vehicles auction prices indicated without VAT).
  • Export fee of 100€ net - only applicable for international transactions, with the exception of sales from Netherlands.
  • Each sale transaction will be directly managed by the individual vehicle sale country; T&Cs of the sale country will therefore apply.
  • Transport: Local & outside EU according to local standard terms. Within EU by default Automatic Transport, for which you will find the price and lead time here, unless you as buyer have opted out of BCA's Automatic Transport service; then of course you can request BCA transport if you wish.

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