Procedura pentru a depune o reclamație

La BCA dorim să ne asigurăm de satisfacția dvs. Din acest motiv, avem o echipă dedicată pentru tratarea reclamațiilor.

Before completing the claim form:

• Category A and B vehicles have a deductible of DKK 3.750/€500 + VAT - demands below this amount will not be processed.


• Vehicles without classification cannot be claimed (Minus ”-” vehicles).


• Service, worn parts and missing service maintenance cannot be claimed.


• Wheels, tIres, windscreens, glass, COC and additional keys cannot be claimed.


• Receipt of claims, that have exceeded the deadline of 24 hours after receiving a vehicle, will not be processed.


• Not listed complaints on the CMR freight delivery note will not be processed.


• Damage already described according to any reports, sales photos or descriptions in the catalogue will not be processed.


Always be aware of our general terms and conditions Terms & conditions 

Formularul pentru reclamații

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