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Payment and Fees

Easy payment process and fees applicable to our sales

Payment of the vehicles

Full payment for the vehicle is required within 48 working hours of billing. As a vehicle buyer, you will receive the invoice for the vehicle´s price, plus the BCA purchase commission. This commission will vary between BCA countries and everything will appear detailed on your invoice.

Keep in mind that some national transfers from one entity to another may take 1-2 working days to become effective, so we advise you to confirm receipt of the amount with us before picking up the vehicle.

For an easier identification of your payments, please, send us proof of transfer to [email protected] indicating in the concept: Registration-Company that makes the payment.

Send proof of transfer

Buyer fees

Loyalty cards

BCA wants to reward your loyalty, this is the reason why we launched our new customer cards associating them with new purchase rates that are more advantageous as greater as your loyalty is. With these new rates, the more vehicles you buy, the lower the purchase fee will be and the better the advantages of each card.

Card type Conditions


Up to 5 vehicles *


From 6 to 11 vehicles *

Savings of up to € 880 in commissions 3


From 12 to 25 vehicles *

Savings of up to € 1,100 in commissions 3


From 26 to 49 vehicles *

Invitation to lunch or breakfast for one person 1

Up to € 35 taxi to attend the auction 2

Savings of up to € 3,000 in commissions 3


More than 50 vehicles *

Invitation to lunch or breakfast for 2 people maximum 1

Up to € 50 taxi to attend the auction 2

Minimum savings of € 5,000 in commissions 3

* In the last 6 months.
  1. Auction days
  2. Amount limit per auction days
  3. Savings calculated on annual purchase volumes

Terms and conditions of the cards:

  • The assigned cards, preferential fees for each card and other benefits associated, will only be applied to the company.
  • These are virtual customer cards so we will not provide them physically.
  • The cards are valid for six months: you will have the new conditions during this period. After that, your purchases for these last six months will be recalculated and a new card will be assigned in relation to your purchase volume.
  • In case that your purchase volume increases to a higher card range before the six month period ends, you will be promoted automatically at the beginning of next month. This new card will have a six month validity thereafter.
  • Card changes and their communication will be made during the first 5 business days of the month following the purchase period. In this way, during these first 5 days of the month, all conditions, including purchase commissions, will be those corresponding to the immediately preceding month.
If you need any additional information, please do not doubt to contact us under [email protected].

Welcome card: Blue

Buyer Fees in BCA Spain are attached to the loyalty card each buyer has. The welcome card (from 0 to 5 purchases in the last 6 months) is the Blue Card.

This table shows the Blue Card buyer fees depending on the price of the car:

From price * To price * Buyer fee Blue Card
 €                                 -    €                             249  €                                 89
 €                             250  €                             499  €                              119
 €                             500  €                             749  €                              159
 €                             750  €                             999  €                              174
 €                          1.000  €                         1.249  €                              190
 €                          1.250  €                         1.499  €                              219
 €                          1.500  €                         1.749  €                              234
 €                          1.750  €                         1.999  €                              254
 €                          2.000  €                         2.499  €                              269
 €                          2.500  €                         2.999  €                              292
 €                          3.000  €                         3.499  €                              307
 €                          3.500  €                         3.999  €                              317
 €                          4.000  €                         4.499  €                              327
 €                          4.500  €                         4.999  €                              339
 €                          5.000  €                         5.499  €                              348
 €                          5.500  €                         5.999  €                              358
 €                          6.000  €                         6.999  €                              372
 €                          7.000  €                         7.999  €                              382
 €                          8.000  €                         9.999  €                              392
 €                       10.000  €                       12.999  €                              402
 €                       13.000  €                       16.999  €                              423
 €                       17.000  €                       24.999  €                              460
 €                       25.000  €                       31.999  €                              513
 €                       32.000  €                     999.999  €                              554

* Price of the vehicle taxes included.

Document and other fees for Spanish Clients

Transfer to your company
Change of ownership tax
Change of ownership Fees


*tax updated 1st of january 2021

Document and other fees for Clients out of Spain

Documentation fee


Exports fee


* Including courier.

European sales fees:

  • European EV sale: Fixed buyer fee of 2,8%, export fee of €100
  • BCA EuroShop: Fixed buyer fee of 3% with a minimum of €350, export fee of €100

VAT not included in this fees. For VAT unqualified vehicles, the tax will be added to the fee.

Vehicle stays

Term of free stays

You have 7 free calendar days from the date of the invoice regardless of your card. If your company is located outside of Spain, in the EU, you have 9 calendar days.

Parking fees

After the period of free stays, € 18 + VAT per day and vehicle will be billed.

If after 20 calendar days after the invoice, the withdrawal has not been made, BCA will be authorized to transport to the client's address. The transport costs and the extra parking days will be on behalf of the client.

Hiring transportation with BCA

If you contract and pay for the transport with BCA within the period of free stays, you will not have to pay for any extra parking fee. In the event that transport is contracted with BCA after the end of the period of free stays, you will have to pay for the stays that have been generated until the day of effective transport payment before the removal of that vehicles.

Speed up the management of your payments

Reduce the time to release your vehicle as soon as possible:

Enter the data (plate number) in the concept of your bank transfer, so you will streamline the payment process thanks to our new software that identifies the vehicle automatically in each operation and records the credit in our system instantaneously.

It is very simple! Find below the instructions to do it correctly.

Speed it up even more!

If, in addition to the plate number, you add your CIF / NIF and the invoice number as it appears, you will streamline the process even more.

The more information you give us in the right way, the faster your payment will be recorded!



Remember all the information you need is on the invoice. 

You can download the following pdf with the tutorial. Always have it on hand, so you'll know which part of the bill you need to look to quickly find your data, and how to write it correctly in the concept of your bank transfer:

Download the tutorial

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