Upcoming sales in Eastern Europe

12:00 quarta-feira 02/12

Oferta Specjalna Alphabet 27/11/2020

Exclusive Alphabet Auction; Online

33 lotes

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Upcoming European sales

09:00 quarta-feira 02/12

Alphabet used company cars 01/12/2020

Alphabet used company cars; Belgium Online

49 lotes

09:31 quarta-feira 02/12

Utilitários - Live Online

Viaturas Comerciais Ligeiras Usadas; Internet – France

87 lotes

10:59 quarta-feira 02/12

Banks & credit institutions – xBid

Used Bank Cars; Online

124 lotes

14:02 quarta-feira 02/12

Leilão Seleção Premium - Live Online

Viaturas Usadas Premium; Internet – France

31 lotes

15:00 quarta-feira 02/12

Gold Selection – LiveBid

Viaturas Usadas Premium; Online

118 lotes

13:59 quinta-feira 03/12

MiniPrice – xBid

Viaturas Usadas de Baixo Custo; Online

49 lotes

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