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RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment has advised the Dutch government that additional measures are needed throughout the Netherlands to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We take these measures very seriously and that's why we decided to hold off our physical acutions for a while. We will continue 100% online. This means that from now on all auctions will be held online. As soon as we start physical auctions again, you can read about it here.

Upcoming sales in The Netherlands

11:00 sexta-feira 04/12

BCA Specials

Used Truck Selection; Barneveld

37 lotes

11:01 sexta-feira 04/12

BCA Vans

Selecção de viaturas comerciais usadas; Barneveld

87 lotes

13:30 sexta-feira 04/12

Dutch Tax Free

Tax Free Cars; Barneveld

46 lotes

09:30 segunda-feira 07/12

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag)

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag); Online

110 lotes

08:30 terça-feira 08/12

Athlon gesloten bod veiling

Selecção de Viaturas Usadas; Nederland E-sales

250 lotes

09:30 terça-feira 08/12

Alphabet Lease veiling (dinsdag)

Alphabet Lease veiling (dinsdag); Online

105 lotes

11:00 terça-feira 08/12

BCA Miniprice

Viaturas Usadas de Baixo Custo; Barneveld

25 lotes

11:01 terça-feira 08/12

Leaseplan inruil

Todas as Viaturas começam a 0€; Barneveld

45 lotes

Upcoming European sales

10:00 sexta-feira 04/12

European EV Friday

Electric Vehicles; Online

68 lotes

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