Consumer alert: be wary of fake invoice scams

We have identified fake vehicle invoices circulating that appear to be from BCA. Have you received an e-mail from BCA about an invoice that you do not trust? Then pay attention, double check and only open links if you are sure that they are from BCA! If in doubt, you can contact us on +31 342 40 45 40 so that we can validate it together.

Upcoming sales in The Netherlands

11:00 quarta-feira 01/02

BCA Lease/Fleet

Lease / Fleet Veiling; Barneveld

51 lotes

11:00 sexta-feira 03/02

BCA Bikes

MotorCycles and Convertibles; Barneveld

53 lotes

11:01 sexta-feira 03/02

BCA Specials

Used Truck Selection; Barneveld

39 lotes

11:02 sexta-feira 03/02

BCA Vans

Selecção de Viaturas Comerciais Usadas; Barneveld

68 lotes

11:30 sexta-feira 03/02

Arval E-Sale

Todas as Viaturas começam a 0€; Barneveld

64 lotes

13:30 sexta-feira 03/02

Dutch Tax Free

Tax Free Cars; Barneveld

42 lotes

09:30 segunda-feira 06/02

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag)

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag); Online

94 lotes

08:30 terça-feira 07/02

Athlon gesloten bod veiling

Selecção de Viaturas Usadas; Nederland E-sales

128 lotes

Upcoming European sales

10:00 sexta-feira 03/02

European EV Friday

Veículos Elétricos; Online

151 lotes

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