BCA EuroShop

An European selection of beautiful cars for the taking

Looking for a fresh stock of young cars, available 24h/24h?

The BCA EuroShop is made for you. One central online location where you can buy young cars at a fixed price. So you don't have time to join an auction? Then it's a good idea to visit our BCA EuroShop. The cars are available 24/7 and first come = first served. You only need to find the car and click to buy.

All of the cars are hand-picked directly from European stock. With a high quality vehicle description, B2C quality images and strict selection requirements, you can buy closed-eye.

Other features

  • Hand-picked selection of cars from the BCA European stock
  • Fresh stock - New cars added every day from all over Europe
  • First-come, First-served!
  • Open 24/24h and 365 days a year
  • Young and low mileage cars
  • A light standard of vehicle description
  • B2C quality pictures, thanks to BCA AutosOnShow imagery solution
  • Leverage BCA cross-border transport solution for a seamless, quick and competitive transport to your showroom
  • An easy after-sale process wherever the vehicle is.
  • You can buy closed-eye

About the vehicle selection

  • Only passenger cars
  • Less than 5 years old
  • Less than 100.000 kms
  • Vehicle located at BCA and described by BCA
  • Accurate information on mechanical and/or cosmetic condition
  • CO2 value always provide (accuracy cannot be guaranteed by BCA)

About the price

  • Fixed price
  • Price checked by MarketPrice teams, ensuring competitive prices
  • Gross price: including VAT/ excluding buyer fees
  • Total price available by clicking on 'see full price breakdown'

Buyer fees

The buyer fees for cars bought in the BCA Euroshop that are sold from the Netherlands, are the same as the regular buyer fees. Find the fees on this page.

For cars that are not bought in the Netherlands, but are sold from the Netherlands, there is an additional export fee. You can find those fees here.

For the cars that are sold from another BCA country, other fees apply. Visit this page to find out the fees per country.

Looking for young cars for a good price?

You can shop and look through the offer in the BCA EuroShop 24/7.