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If you, as the participant with the highest bid, have won the auction, you will receive the corresponding invoice within a few hours (in the case of afternoon auctions, this will be available in the morning of the following day).

We ask you to pay the invoice within 3 working days in the currency of the respective auction.

As soon as we have received the payment from you, we will send you the collection note or, depending on the country of origin of the car, we will automatically deliver the vehicle directly to you.

For transport details, please visit the page "Collection and transport of the vehicle".

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Vehicle collection

Transport rules differ from country to country. In Denmark and Sweden, vehicles are delivered automatically. This means that once the invoice payment is received, the transport is automatically started and the vehicles are delivered directly to your company.

For all other countries, the collection note system applies, which you will receive after payment of the invoice. You can then appoint a transport company of your choice to collect the vehicles. Together with the collection note, you will also receive a power of attorney, which you must complete and sign in favour of the transport company you have appointed.

Please note that according to EU rules, it is forbidden to go to the pick-up location by private car. It must be a recognised transport company that has all the necessary permits for international transport.

As soon as BCA or the commissioned transport company has delivered the vehicle to you, we ask you to sign the CMR form and stamp it with your company stamp. Please then scan the form to us, together with the release note so that the value added tax paid as a deposit can be refunded in the country of purchase.

If the vehicle does not correspond to the description at the time of delivery or if something is missing, please indicate this on the CMR form and send us the complaint within 24 hours of delivery.

For import and transport by BCA, it depends whether you have an account with the customs authorities or not.

  • If your company has an account with Swiss customs, the import fee will be debited directly from this account. Our carrier then only has to present the necessary paperwork to carry out the import and can then come directly to you. We only ask you to send a copy of the invoice to the customs authorities. Our transport company will send you a reminder a few days before the delivery and ask the customs control office where the import should actually take place. Your customs account will also be requested.
  • If your company does not have a Swiss customs account, please contact [email protected] , where the different options will be explained.
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Document services

For each country in which BCA offers its auctions, there is a fee for the export of the respective vehicle. Due to different de-registration and documentation rules, these fees may vary slightly from country to country. For exact fee amounts, please see the comments on each vehicle profile or click on "View detailed price".

These costs mainly cover the removal of the vehicle from the country of origin and the sending of the original documents by courier.

As delivery is automatic in Denmark and Sweden, our partners are already preparing the so-called EX-1, a document that is scanned by the customs authorities at the border to prove export from the EU.

For more information on transport, please contact [email protected].

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