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Sale conditions:

  • Buyer fee of 2.8% of the gross vehicle prices (prices indicated without VAT).
  • Export fee of 100€ net - only applicable for international transactions.
  • Each sale transaction will be directly managed by the individual vehicle sale country; T&Cs of the sale country will therefore apply.
  • Transport: Local & outside EU following the standard local terms. Automatic to another country within the EU.
Know your transport price

Be comfortable: transparent vehicle description

To give you an insight in the quality status of typical electric vehicle aspects, BCA's standard vehicle description is extended for EV's paying special attention to:

  • battery size, ownership, and range,
  • description and picture of the charging cables,
  • description and picture of the charging port,
  • description and picture of dashboard, showing range and charge,
  • vehicle's ability to accept charge.

Why choosing EVs?

Take advantage of the fastest growing segment in Europe:

● EV sales are exponentially growing year over year. By 2030 BEVs will represent 30% of all registrations in the market.

EVs are the solution to several international and local policies, such as zero emission zones, which pushes for the EV penetration across Europe.

Growing buyer confidence: End consumers are getting reassured and are increasingly open to the adoption of EV thanks to stronger battery capacities, clear warranties, and better TCOs (Total Costs of Ownership).

Strong BEV depreciation and residual values have already been proven and are expected to keep improving over time.

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