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Vehicle grading

Clear vehicle grading

BCA Vehicle Grades have been introduced so that you can assess individual vehicle condition quickly.

Separate internal and external reports

The report includes kipper charts for both the external and internal condition of the vehicles to help you easily identify and locate on the vehicle any damage or work required.

Vehicle damage listed in order of severity

Any damage that is identified is displayed in vehicle area, and is now listed clearly in order of severity, making it easier to view work that is required, most important first, and make a judgement quickly. Furthermore damage detail is now available on BCA e-sales vehicle pages and can also be printed out and viewed a PDF.

Improved HD photography

Exterior vehicle damage is photographed, listed and indexed on the kipper diagram so you can easily locate the key areas of damage. Just hover over the area of damage with the orange drop symbol to view the imagery. The HD photograph gives a much improved image allowing you to view and assess the vehicle with greater confidence.

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BCA Italy upgrades

New Car Check

In BCA Italy, from today, is avaliable a new Car Check. With this solution we offer a  much improved description of each vehicle, where each information is shown simply and easily 

What's new

In the new carcheck are executed more than 50 tests; for example: fluids level, clutch, engine's alterations. It will be avaliable on all cars stocked in BCA centers  and is based on a simple color coding: Green (no damage), Red (damaged or with issues), Grey (not available). 

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