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BCA is Europe's leading auction house of used cars, vans and motorcycles. Every year we have over 1.5 million vehicles under the hammer, across the organization.

BCA has potential buyers for cars in every category, from almost new cars, fleet vehicles from companies, unconditioned cars in all brands, as well as exclusive cars in the million class. Bidders participate online from across Europe.

BCA Re-Sale

As a vendor, have you taken back cars from BCA that you still have not sold? Or have you bought cars at BCA that you have not sold? Let us help you sell these through BCA Re-Sale!

Purchased and return-to-vendor cars have already been through our inspection. Therefore, we have pictures and possibly condition reports in our systems, which makes the process easy!

1. Register the cars for auction via registration number and location, with comment "BCA Re-Sale".
2. If the car changed condition (mileage, cosmetic, mechanical, equipment, etc.), BCA must know.
3. The car comes up for auction.
4. When the car is sold, we pick it up and settle in the normal way.

Easy and simple inventory - and liquidity management! Call us if you have any questions.

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