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BCA Claim Conditions

Please note that the following cases cannot be subject to any claims - for more info please refer to our terms and conditions :

  • Cars sold in auction for less than 1 500 euros, excluding fees and VAT
  • Cars with age over 10 years or mileage over 180 000 km
  • Cars sold as damaged, accident cars, non-runners, ELV End-of-life-vehicles or “Sold as it is”
  • In case that car was registered/sold to the final customer/3rd party
  • The cars are not checked on the lift – no claims on hidden parts acceptable
  • Repair costs for optical and technical damages up to € 400
  • Repairs done - Car must remain in original condition from the auction, it cannot be repaired or modified
  • All wear parts subject to maintenance and small components
  • No claims on following parts/items: Wheels/rims/tyres/spare wheels, Windshield/glass parts, Lights - unless it is proven transport damage

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