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Buyer fees

Euro Netto Export, BCA Mix Open

3,5 % of the vehicles NET Price – with a minimum fee of 3200 SEK NET or 320 € NET. Export fee is 1000 SEK NET or 100 € NET.

Public Auction

Buyer fee of 5980 SEK NET. Export Fee is 1000 SEK.

Public Auction – No Fees

No Buyer fee, No Export Fee.


For all auctions - All buyer fees are without VAT and applicable for each vehicle bought. On marginal cars – 25 % VAT will be added at the buyer fee.

At all auctions - If the vehicle is a Margin scheme vehicle BCA Sweden applies the principle blocking the VAT on the invoice for all mandated charges like Buyer Fees, Export Fees and Transport cost (According to EU VAT directive article 339). This will be your purchase price for the purposes of the Margin Scheme or Global Accounting.

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