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Terms and Conditions

Indicative lead times for delivery, from the assignment date are, for destinations within Italy:

  • delivery to main cities in 5 working days
  • delivery to main cities in province 7 working days
  • delivery to secondary provincial towns or other districts 10 working days
  • Molise, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and island in 15 working days

Prices are to be considered:

  • VAT excluded, if is applicable

  • for driven cars and vehicles, not involved in accidents and running perfectly

  • for non urgent transportation

  • for loading and unloading in areas that allow easy access for the transporters

  • with delivery at destination at the foot of the transporter

  • with responsability vector in DDT - Transport Document, with unequivocal exclusion of atmospheric events and, in case of secondhand cars and vehicles or registrated and new ones, with the application of a fixed-free, with derogation of the law, of 400,00 Euro.

    The application of the fixed-free is valid from the moment of the vehicle collection until the delivery at the final destination.

  • costs are not included in case of stationary transporter during the loading/unloading due to independent causes of our will and they will be invoiced in base of this scheme, in to conform with current laws: 40,00 Euro per hour transportation with the following payment procedure : 45 working days from the invoice date

Procedure to get refunded of the damages derived from the transport

In general, every damage must be always indicated, shown and countersigned on the DDT (national service) or CMR (international) by the charged receiver and driver.

The applicant has to open a complaint within 8 hours from unloading following instructions in this page.

Documents strictly necessary for the reimbursement evaluation are:

  1. DDT/CMR signed by the parts with indication of the emerged damage
  2. Detailed pictures of the damages
  3. Estimate of the reinstatement on letterhead with detailed intervention, hours of labour, consumer products, parts of replacement to be used, etc.

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