Process to submit a claim

At BCA we want to ensure your satisfaction. Thus why we have a dedicated team to process your claims.

Before submitting a claim

Please note that the following cases are not subject to any claim:

  • Consumable and service parts
  • Claims on Body parts below 300€
  • Vehicles sold in the "Starting Price 50€" sale, "Damaged Vehicles" and "Non-runners"
  • Mechanical claims on vehicles with over 180.000 km or 10 years

Check carefully our full claim policy included in our Terms and Conditions in the link below:

Terms & Conditions

Claim form

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Die maximale Größe jeder Datei darf 2 MB nicht überschreiten.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich bei den mit einem "*" versehenen Feldern um Pflichtangaben handelt.

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These terms & conditions are the contract between you and BCA