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Mechanical report with over 50 checkpoints!

Consisting on 50 mechanical checkpoints, our mechanical reports ensures the highest transparency.
Among others, we check the vehicle equipment, engine, tire wear, control of mechanical components or traceability of documents. Furthermore, we also perfom a 300 meters road test to detect any anomalies and examine the functioning of the gearbox, clutch, power or engine speed.
Please note that our mechanical report is carried out on all vehicles located at on one of our auction centers.

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Appraisal Report

Our detailed appraisal report on both the internal and external vehicle's condition, includes:

  • A diagram of the vehicle with the damages listed and ordered by severity
  • A set of standardized pictures of the damaged
  • A grade summarizing the vehicle's condition
  • A PDF summary document containing all the information

Vehicles grading go from 1 to 5 (from less to more damages). There is also a U rating "Unclassified" for vehicles with too many damages or without any condition report available.

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