Payment and Fees

Easy payment process and fees applicable to our sales

Payment of the vehicles

Full payment for the vehicle is required within 48 working hours of billing. As a vehicle buyer, you will receive the invoice for the vehicle´s price, plus the BCA purchase commission. This commission will vary between BCA countries and everything will appear detailed on your invoice.

Keep in mind that some national transfers from one entity to another may take 1-2 working days to become effective, so we advise you to confirm receipt of the amount with us before picking up the vehicle.

For an easier identification of your payments, please, send us proof of transfer to [email protected] indicating in the concept: Registration-Company that makes the payment.

Send proof of transfer

National auctions


National Client

Foreign Client

Buyer fee

Depending on the price of the vehicle

Documentation processing

· Fees: 59,27 €

· Transfer rate: 55,70 €

Discharge for transit or export: 165 €

Export Fee

Does not apply.

45 €

Buyer's commission

The following sales prices are shown without taxes:

From selling priceTo selling pricePrice
0,00 249,99 96,00
250,00 499,99 127,00
500,00 749,99 170,00
750,00 999,99 186,00
1.000,00 1.249,99 202,00
1.250,00 1.499,99 223,00
1.500,00 1.749,99 242,00
1.750,00 1.999,99 263,00
2.000,00 2.499,99 279,00
2.500,00 2.999,99 296,00
3.000,00 3.499,99 317,00
3.500,00 3.999,99 320,00
4.000,00 4.499,99 323,00
4.500,00 4.999,99 327,00
5.000,00 5.499,99 330,00
5.500,00 5.999,99 333,00
6.000,00 6.499,99 336,00
6.500,00 6.999,99 340,00
7.000,00 7.499,99 343,00
7.500,00 7.999,99 346,00
8.000,00 8.499,99 349,00
8.500,00 8.999,99 353,00
9.000,00 9.499,99 356,00
9.500,00 9.999,99 359,00
10.000,00 10.499,99 362,00
10.500,00 10.999,99 366,00
11.000,00 11.499,99 369,00
11.500,00 11.999,99 372,00
12.000,00 12.999,99 375,00
13.000,00 13.999,99 378,00
14.000,00 14.999,99 382,00
15.000,00 15.999,99 385,00
16.000,00 999.999,00 2,4%**


* The commission will be applied to the final award price. All prices shown in the commissions are exclusive of VAT. 

BCA Euroshop and EV auctions


National Client

Foreign Client

Buyer Fee*

· BCA Euroshop: 3% (minimum of 350 €).

· EV: 2,8% (minimum de 300 €).

Documentation processing

· Fees: 59,27 €

· Transfer rate: 55,70 €

Discharge for transit or export: 165 €

Export Fee

Does not apply. 100 €


*The purchase commission on BCA Euroshop and EV auctions is a fixed percentage of the value of the vehicle.

Understanding your invoice

If you still have doubts you can download one of the invoice examples below.

National Buyer Invoice

Example of a General Regime invoice for a national client.

Download example

REBU invoce

Example of a REBU invoice.

Download example

Foreign Buyer Invoice

Example of a General Regime invoice for a foreign customer.

Download example

Vehicle stays

Term of free stays

You have 7 free calendar days from the date of the invoice. If your company is located outside of Spain, in the EU, you have 15 calendar days.

Parking fees

After the period of free stays, € 18 + VAT per day and vehicle will be billed.

If after 20 calendar days after the invoice, the withdrawal has not been made, BCA will be authorized to transport to the client's address. The transport costs and the extra parking days will be on behalf of the client.

Hiring transportation with BCA

If you contract and pay for the transport with BCA within the period of free stays, you will not have to pay for any extra parking fee. In the event that transport is contracted with BCA after the end of the period of free stays, you will have to pay for the stays that have been generated until the day of effective transport payment before the removal of that vehicles.

Speed up the management of your payments and the collection of your vehicles.

Reduce the time to release your vehicle as soon as possible:

In BCA we are in continuous development, constantly seeking to make your shopping experience easier. That is why we have updated our financial platform in order to make it easier for you. With this, we have managed to shorten the payment confirmation time and thus speed up the collection of your vehicles. 

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Speed it up even more!

After purchasing the car, you will receive an invoice by e-mail. This will contain the vehicle plate number and the invoice number in the positions shown in the example.



When making the payment, you must use the registration number provided on the invoice as the concept of the transfer, without spaces or dashes.If you are paying for several vehicles, we will use all the number plates provided on each invoice as the concept of the transfer, separating these by spaces.

In the event that your financial platform only supports the invoice number identifier, you can insert it in the concept field without spaces.

Download the tutorial

How can you do it?

We show some examples of how you have to write the number plate in the concept of the transfer in your banking platform.

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