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BCA is an European used car marketplace, where you can find a large variety of vehicles

Who are we?

BCA Bilauktion Sweden - Largest European auction company

BCA is Europe's leading car auction company, we have developed the market's best e-commerce system for online sales, online auction and online bidding with logistics, inspection, storage, preparation and more. The cars come from fleet owners, leasing and finance companies, municipalities and counties, general agents, and car dealers. In total, 8,000 car auctions a year and more than 1.4 million vehicles a year.

On-Line Auctions - BCA Car Auction
Every week, 100's of cars change owners on our On-Line auctions on the Internet. More and more car dealers in Sweden go brand new with BCA and have understood the importance of having "the right" used cars in stock to increase the turnover rate. Those who discovered this way of shopping with used cars save both time and money. Buying and selling directly from BCA via a computer is smooth and secure thanks to reliable systems and rational handling with a detailed documented vehicle description.

Fast, easy and profitable - Full-service remarketing

We help you optimize the warehouse and take care of the entire process.
Quick, easy and economical.

BCA offers a wide range of physical and online sales channels, inventory management, logistics support, specialist consulting and consulting services. Services for both buyers and sellers. The company delivers practical, efficient and innovative remarketing solutions for the automotive industry in Europe, BCA has the expertise to deliver truly effective remarketing services and continues to invest in developing new industry solutions.

BCA can deliver a tailor-made service and will deliver the optimum price for the vehicle, with the best price on the market.

  • Number one in remarketing vehicles for over 60 years
  • We cover the full spectrum of and within vehicle auctions
  • We are in 15 countries
  • We trust more than 27,000 buyers in Europe (excluding UK)
  • We can market your vehicle across Europe in a unique network
  • A professional team of specially trained technicians


Buy and sell all over Europe

BCA has auction centers and operations in many European countries and has since its inception in 1946 developed a unique network of professional car dealers and sellers throughout Europe.

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