BCA is the largest European used car marketplace

1. Who are BCA?

British Car Auctions is part of BCA Marketplace plc, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. We are bringing together used car sellers and buyers. We sell more than one million vehicles annually and are Europe’s largest vehicle remarketing company.

2. In which countries does BCA sell cars?

We are managing used car sales in over 50 centers across 12 countries: UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Poland and Norway.

3. Where do the vehicles comes from?

We develop partnerships with many contributors, sometimes exclusively, to offer a wide selection of cars. Vehicles for sales come from dealer trade-in, finance and leasing houses, rental companies, manufacturer, fleet operators and administrations among others. BCA features a unique used vehicle stock.

4. What type of cars can I find?

We sell a wide variety of cars from leasing, trade-ins, rentals and cars from banks. The vehicle type is mentioned on the vehicle detail page.

5. How can I find the cars?

Visit our website www.bca.com and choose your country of interest. In the website menu, you can either search for a specific vehicle in stock or search for a sale in the calendar. The calendar will contain a selection of similar vehicles to offer you a larger choice.


Get to know all about BCA´s European sales

Discover our different types of auctions, who is eligible to attend and how to register with us.

1. What does xBid, Live Online, Buy Now, Auction in hall…etc. mean?

Our auctions takes place online and/or in hall, where we present a wide range of vehicles. Access to our auctions is reserved for professionals from the automotive industry. At BCA, we provide different type of sales:

• Bid now: this type of sale gives you the opportunity to place bids in online auctions, at any time of the day directly within vehicle detail page.

• xBid: Most of the bid now sales end with an X-Bid session which start 5 minutes after the first sale. It is a new opportunity to bid on the vehicle.

• Live Online: An "In house" application which allows you to attend an auction from your home, either the auction takes place physically in "an auction place" or only online. You can hear the auctioneer and send a message to ask questions.

• Auction in hall: In Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, some auctions take place in a hall so you can go there to bid and buy in person.

• Buy now: you can find and purchase vehicles online 24/7 at a fixed price.

• Sealed bid: You place a bid of the amount of your choice, you can modify this amount whenever you want. After the auction has ended the highest bidder receives a notification by email.

2. How do I register?

To register at BCA, fill in the online form, and we will be in touch within 24h.

3. What are the required documents to register and when will I be able to buy?

If you want to buy in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden or Norway), we do not request any documentation. When you provide us with your company registration number, we validate everything online. If the applicant does not have power to bind the company, we might request a power of attorney.

4. In which country do I register?

You should register with your local BCA subsidiary. BCA Norway is supported by BCA Denmark and BCA Sweden. Your application will be managed by either of these centres.

5. I want to buy in another country – what should I do?

Once you are registered in a BCA, you can get access to all international sales across Europe. Please contact your local center and request the access, if you do not already have it. All international auctions can be access straight from your Norwegian homepage. Further information or documentation might be required.


All about BCA’s buying process

From bidding to receiving your invoice, all the information you need to know.

1. Can I cancel a bid?

At BCA's auctions, all bids are binding. If you win a vehicle, you are required to complete the deal and pay for the vehicle.

2. Is it safe to buy online?

The BCA website respects all the standard practices of online security. To bid and buy, all the users must connect with secure passwords. The website uses the standard internet cryptographic Protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), supplying a safety and an integrity of the data for the web communications. Also, we refer to our privacy policy, for your comfort in our data handling.

3. How do I know if I have won a vehicle?

You will be notified via email shortly after the end of the sale.

Furthermore, you will also find this information under MyBCA.

4. What, how and when do I pay?

Payment must be made by bank transfer within 24hs or receiving the invoice. Please note that the purchase fee and payment information may vary depending on the country and the auction. We only accept payment by bank transfer.

5. International purchase invoicing

Professional dealerships can receive invoices without local VAT, under certain conditions. Please contact your nearest BCA center for more information.


How do you receive your vehicles?

1. Can BCA deliver my vehicles directly?

Yes, BCA can help to deliver you the vehicle. For more details, please refer to the Delivery section.

2. Can I pick up vehicles myself?

No, all vehicles bought in BCA Norway, are subject to automatic and mandatory transport, managed by BCA. Our strong logistical partnerships ensure efficiency and competitive prices, to accommodate your needs.

Transport is subject for variances, based on which country you buy from. Please consult with your nearest BCA center for more information.


How much does it cost to buy a car?

10% of purchase price | min. 5.000 NOK | max. 9.900 NOK

Administration fee 800 NOK

Buyer fee is applicable per. vehicle purchased.