Process to submit a claim in Denmark

Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we always take your complaint seriously. We have skilled employees who quickly and efficiently deal with the issues that sometimes arise.

Before completing the claim form:

• Category A and B vehicles have a deductible of DKK 3.750/€500 + VAT - demands below this amount will not be processed.


• Vehicles without classification cannot be claimed (Minus ”-” vehicles).


• Service, worn parts and missing service maintenance cannot be claimed.


• Wheels, tIres, windscreens, glass, COC and additional keys cannot be claimed.


• Receipt of claims, that have exceeded the deadline of 24 hours after receiving a vehicle, will not be processed.


• Not listed complaints on the CMR freight delivery note will not be processed.


• Damage already described according to any reports, sales photos or descriptions in the catalogue will not be processed.


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