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BCA Claim Conditions

  • All complaints must be made via a form on BCA's website

  • The maximum distance that the vehicle must have traveled since purchase is 50 km for a complaint to be made.
  • For all complaints, a deductible of SEK 4000 or €400 NET applies - which is why costs below this amount are never reimbursed.
  • BCA does not reimburse costs for repairs carried out on the vehicle by the buyer - unless the repairs have been approved in advance by BCA.
  • You can find more information about the current terms and conditions at the following link: BCA Sweden T&C


Local Dispositions

We strive to have a unified policy to manage the claims. While our rules are almost aligned in Europe, we still have some local expections. You can find more details below.

BCA Germany

The following cannot be claimed upon :

  • Missing accessories according to item 1.3 of the damage catalogue, e.g. missing spare wheels, cigarette lighter, antenna rods, etc.
  • All signs of use according to damage catalogue.

BCA Denmark & Norway
BCA Denmark & Norway
  • If a vehicle is registered, the right to claim is forfeit.
  • Vehicles with a mechanical grading of C are not eligible for claims.
  • If it is unknown whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident, the vehicle is not eligible for claim.
  • Vehicles that are older than 36 months and/or driven more than 80,000 km are not eligible for claims.
  • If the vehicle has been previously repaired and/or has unknown damage, no claim can be made
  • The buyer must be aware of all rules and regulations if a vehicle is to be registered in another country.

BCA Spain
  • Vehicle documentation: Depending on the average time required for its transfer of ownership, there are 3 types of documentation:
  1. "Doc lista" (ready for transfer): 10-15 calendar days on average, 30 maximum.
  2. Documentation incidence (reservation of ownership, cancellation of the leasing process, or existence of charges): 120 calendar days maximum.
  3. Rest of the vehicles (nothing specified): 35-45 calendar days on average, 60 maximum.

If the maximum deadline is exceeded, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase.

  • Claim on specific wear parts and components subject to maintenance can be accepted (gearbox, clutch, turbo, gaskets)

More information: Further details on the applicable BCA Spain claim conditions can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

BCA Sweden
  • The vehicles have not been checked for error codes. Therefore error codes that are not known during the inspection – cannot be claimed for. BCA Sweden T&C's.

BCA The Netherlands

It is not possible to submit a valid claim when:

  • The mileage is above 225.000 km
  • The car is older then 12 years

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