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All relevant information for European buyers at BCA Austria.

You too can benefit from the advantages of our xBid!

Our xBid auctions give you the opportunity to bid on your desired vehicles around the clock. With the help of the bidding agent, you can even participate in several auctions at the same time.

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Buyer fees

All buyer fees are net and payable for each vehicle purchased. Buyer fees depend on the price of the vehicle (3.30% of the gross sales price but at least €275 for vehicles up to €1,499, €400 for vehicles over €1,500 and at least €3.000 for vehicles over €90.900). Details can be found in our fee overview.

Deviating conditions will be communicated in the respective auction catalog.BCA EuroShop: Fixed buyer's fee of 3% (minimum amount of €350) and €100 export fee.

xBid Alphabet Austria: 3,30 % of the gross selling price (min. €400 net)

Additional service fees:
Export fee: 100 €
Collection fee: 15 €*

*If you use the BCA transport service, the collection fee is waived.

Cross-border transport solution

We take care of the transport so that you can concentrate on your core business.

You pick up a car and it is not as advertised?

You have 48h to open a claim after you picked-up a car. If your vehicle has been shipped by BCA you should notify us in the CMR.
In case of emergency, please contact the After-sales service: +49 (0)2131 3100 0
Check the vehicles and issues in&out of scope and follow the process if conditions are met.

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Still have questions?

For any after-sales information about a German sale or car, feel free to ask your dedicated import team !