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Buyer fees

All buyer fees are without VAT and applicable for each vehicle bought, including cars from the BCA Euroshop.

A buyer fee of 1,5% of the vehicle price (gross hammer price) is applicable, with a minimum of:

  • Vehicles < 3.500kg: € 357,-
  • Vehicles > 3.500 kg: € 517,-

Additional Live Online fee (if applicable):

  • All vehicles: € 15,-


Luxury Tax

If you bought a vehicle from The Netherlands, Dutch fiscal laws state what needs to happen if you want to export the car out of The Netherlands. Luxury Tax is placed on certain cars. Criteria for Luxury Tax are the type of vehicle, the NL registration date and the amount of CO2 emission. Luxury Tax is automatically deducted from the hammer price for foreign EU buyers. For Non EU buyers it is not possible to refund Luxury Tax. The amount of Luxury Tax is specified on the invoice and needs to be paid by the customer. Non EU buyers need an Ex. 1 document for crossing the EU border and this document will be provided by BCA.

If you have any questions, please contact our Export Team. Call +31 342 40 45 40 or send an E-mail.

Export fees

Beware that extra costs, documents, transport and pick up location differ per vehicle category. Therefore we distinguish three vehicle categories:

Category A (with Luxury Tax): Passenger vehicles and motorcycles registered > 16/10/2006 and CO2 emission > 50 grams;

Category B1 (no Luxury Tax): Passenger vehicles and motorcycles registered > 16/10/2006 and CO2 emission < 50 grams,all passenger and motorcycles vehicles registered < 16/10/2006, LCV’s;

Category B2 (no Luxury Tax): Material/truck

Mandatory export handling items CATEGORY A CATEGORY B1 CATEGORY B2
Dutch export documents
€100,- €100,-
Mandatory transport to Weeze (Germany) €84,- €84,- €84,-
Document handling fee €7,50 €7,50 €7,50
German export document €260,-   €260,-

MOT application (if a valid one is not on the vehicle)
Note: if necessary repair/replacement is needed to obtain a MOT application, you are obligated to pay for these costs as well

€90,- (plus necessary repair costs)    
HU check motorcycles €175,- €175,-  
NON-EU BUYERS ADDITIONAL: Ex.1 document €25,- €25,- €25,-


Additional export services (optional): for Non-EU Buyers, EUR1 document: € 100,-

See our export document for more information about buyer fees, export handling fees and the export process.

Export process NL

1. Purchase of vehicle

2. Receipt pro forma invoice (you receive a pro forma invoice, because BCA needs to check the remaining Dutch Luxury Tax)

3. Receipt invoice

4. Payment of vehicle invoice (you have to pay your vehicle within 48 hours after receiving the invoice)

5. Preparing delivery:
- Category A/B1: Vehicle is transported to Weeze, Germany
- Category B2: Material/trucks stay in Barneveld, The Netherlands

6. BCA provides the export documents:
- Category A: German export document (7 - 10 working days)
- Category B1/B2: Dutch export documents (vehicle information, kilometer report, declaration type of approval)
- For non-EU buyers Additional Ex.1 document (for all vehicles with registration number)

7. Receipt pick up confirmation and power of attorney (7-10 working days after payment)*

8. Transport/collection**

9. Once the CMR and the receipt of delivery are filled in correctly and send to, BCA sends the export documents by post. In general it takes 2-5 working days.

* Please note, we are depending on governmental authorities for this process. In some cases the process may take longer (for example; MOT, Germanregistration, recalls).

** Beware that after receiving the pickup confirmation and power of attorney you have 11 calendar days to pick the vehicle(s) up. After the deadline of 11 calendar days has passed, the vehicle(s) will automatically be transported by BCA. 

Foreign buyer from a country within the European Union*

How can I benefit from a tax free billing?

Only cars marked as "Qualifying Gross" are susceptible to be invoiced tax-free. Most of the vehicles that are registered after October 15. 2006 have a part BPM (Dutch luxury tax) which you can get back if you import from a EU country. If you have questions, please contact our Export department at +31 (0) 88 - 540 3874.

How can I get back the BPM (Dutch luxury tax)

You don't even have to pay for the BPM. BCA will process the request to get back the BPM.

Can I get vehicle papers upon collection?

All original vehicle papers will stay with the car untill the car is exported (on paper). We will send you the vehicle papers by regular mail as soon as we receive the CMR (valid and stamped). Normally, this will take 2 to 5 business days. You can e-mail the CMR to

*List of EU countries

*Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Foreign buyers from a non-European Union country

How can I benefit from a tax free billing?

Only cars marked as "Qualifying Gross" are susceptible to be invoiced tax-free. Please note that, in order get a tax-free invoice you will have to contract the delivery of your car with a third-party logistic company.

When will I receive car documents?

At the moment you pick up your car, you will receive all documents.

Still have questions?

For any after-sales information about a Dutch sale or car, feel free to ask your dedicated import team!