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Total payment (including applicable fees) needs to be received in within 48 hours after the invoice is sent. Please note that BCA only accepts payment via bank transfer.

Once the payment has been received, the aftersales process of your vehicle starts. The processes differ per BCA country, but we have a special team that will contact you after your first purchase to explain what you can expect.

More information on aftersales

Document services

Because of years of experience we are able to support you with additional documents you might need in order to register your car, like:

  • COC
  • Vehicle registration translations
  • Export Declaration (EX-A)
  • Certificate or Origin (EUR.1)


Next to that, we are more than happy to advice you on your local car registration process and support you with any difficulties you might experience.

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How to submit a claim

Not happy with your vehicle upon delivery/collection? Learn more about our transparent claim process.


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