Sell your cars with BCA

Sell your cars on our platform!

Are you a professional car dealer and you are looking for a remarketing solution? With 6000 cars on sale 24/7 and thousands of buyers bidding on our auctions, BCA is the perfect place to sell you cars.

BCA is now offering you the great opportunity to put your cars on sale for all our buyers in Europe!

Please find below more details to know how to benefit from this service and the immediate next steps to make it work.

Conditions before submitting your cars

Please find below some key information to take into account before submitting your list of cars on sale :

-          Only companies are allowed to sell cars through BCA (No private person)

-          The list you will provide should contain 10 cars minimum

-          We accept cars as below: 

  • Young cars (<5years; <100000km)
  • No scratches
  • Service book
  • Key Double

Interested? Contact me!

+48 720 806 880

+48 22 152 12 81

[email protected]


, than let me know when Sandie replayes you. 

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