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On Wednesdays at 3.00 pm.

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Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30 am.

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New calculator tool in Dutch Tax Free auction

All lots in the Dutch Tax Free auction can be viewed with pricing including BPM & VAT as well as excluding BPM & VAT. Lots will initially be shown including.

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Upcoming sales in The Netherlands

09:30 Monday 23/04

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag)

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag); Online

121 lots

08:30 Tuesday 24/04

Athlon gesloten bod veiling

From leasing, fleet, rental, finance and dealers; Nederland E-sales

40 lots

08:30 Tuesday 24/04

Athlon Closed Bid Tax Free auction

From leasing, rental and fleet.; Nederland E-sales

117 lots

09:30 Tuesday 24/04

Alphabet Lease veiling (dinsdag)

Alphabet Lease veiling (dinsdag); Online

96 lots

11:00 Tuesday 24/04

BCA Miniprice

Low Cost Used Cars; Barneveld

163 lots

11:01 Tuesday 24/04


Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Barneveld

98 lots

09:30 Wednesday 25/04

Alphabet LCV/Bedrijfsauto veiling (woensdag)

Alphabet LCV/Bedrijfsauto veiling (woensdag); Online

54 lots

11:00 Wednesday 25/04

Lease Fleet ONLINE auction

Used Lease Cars; Barneveld

43 lots

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