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We hold the original documents for all vehicles with 'Doc Lista' in the comments

Temporary implementation of the following measures

-  The bonuses set out in point 6 of our claims policy, for delayed delivery of vehicles are temporarily suspended through our transport service.

- The application of point 8 of our claims policy, regarding cancellations and compensations for delay in the processing of vehicle documentation, is temporarily suspended.

We regret the inconvenience that these measures may cause you, which aim to maintain the maximum normality of the service and protect the health of customers and employees.

If you have any question, please call +34 949 263 000 or write to

Documents Ready to Transfer

For the majority of the vehicles stored in our branches, BCA is holding the original document and only the invoice from the vendor is needed in order to complete the transfer of ownership in Spain.

If your company is not located in Spain BCA takes care of the de-registration of the vehicle in the spanish traffic authorities.

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If you are a foreign buyer and want to import a car purchased in Spain, please check all the details in our import guide.

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