Pick-up process at BCA Spain

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Pick up a vehicle at BCA

Once the payment has been done in BCA Spain bank account, you or the preson you authorise can pick up the vehicle in our branches. You have to allow at least one working day if you make the bank transfer from a different bank account.

The authorization should be sent be email to [email protected] including the name and ID or Passport of the person who is doing the pick up.

You can pick up the vehicle in our branch whithin the pick up time and up to 7 days from the date of the invoice. Depending on your loyalty card you may have more free parking days. After this free parking period there is a parking fee per day.

Pick up time: 30 minutes before closing and before lunch break.

*During the Auctions on Hall in Alicante, La Luisiana and Bellvei BCA will not deliver vehicles.

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