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Payment and Fees

Payment and fees

You will receive a purchase confirmation per email after the auction.
Total payment (including applicable fees) needs to be received within the following days. Please look in the specific terms and conditions for the auction type, after the sale. Please note that we only accept payment via bank transfer.

Once the payment has been received, your vehicle is automatically released for transport. Cross border purchases are subject to mandatory transport managed by BCA. Vehicle documents and accessories are sent by express couriere after receiving a valid CMR (proof of delivery).

Taxfree Auctions / EuroShop:

  • Buyer fee: 3,15% / min. 300 €
  • Export fee: 75 €

European EV Auction:

  • Buyer fee: 2,8% of Gross bid
  • Export fee: 100 €

Other Auctions:

  • Buyer fee: 300 €
  • Export fee: 75 €

Note seperate fees for individuals and companies outside of the automotive industry:

  • Buyer fee: 8.000 DKK incl. VAT
  • Export fee: 699 DKK incl. VAT

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