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No matter whether you want to pick up the vehicles by yourself or transport them by BCA, our BCA experts will support you in any way. Thanks to our experience and close partnership with renowned logistic companies, we are a reliable partner for transporting your vehicles.

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Important Information:
The transport conditions for BCA partner locations may differ. Please contact our BCA transport experts.
Not driving-ready vehicles have to be requested individually.

Individual inquiry.


Within Germany:
The delivery of single vehicles takes approximately 8-9 bank working days (6-7 bank working days with full truck load) from payment of the vehicle price including all fees. The transport costs will be invoiced separately. Please note that delivery times might be different by region.

Individual inquiry.


The transport order must be made in writing to transporte.de@bca.com or +49 (0)2131 3100 952 by fax.
Please contact our BCA transport experts:

Email: transporte.de@bca.com
Phone: +49 (0) 2131 3100 160
Fax: +49 (0) 2131 3100 952

Automatic transport

Yes, if you opt in our automatic transport service, we will deliver all your vehicles purchased at BCA directly to your site - without any administrative effort.
Please contact our BCA transport experts: transporte.de@bca.com or +49 (0)2131 3100 160


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