BCA Maintenance Packages


More service for fast resale.

As you are already aware, every vehicle on the BCA marketplace is give the BCA Vehicle Check. During this Check, we carefully described and photograph every vehicle.

The new maintenance label shows you immediately on the very first image of the vehicle that your new Used Car has received an additional maintenance package. These packages are divided into four different levels of service: Basic, Comfort, Premium and Premium+.

This makes it easy to re-sell your used car quickly, saving you time when it comes to conditioning and maintaining vehicles for your customers.*

Basic, Comfort, Premium or Premium+?

You can tell what service package your vehicle received from the blue maintenance symbol on the first vehicle image, plus a more detailed text reference in the vehicle description comment box.

BCA Maintanance Packages


Download the service overview here:

*Vehicles receive maintenance packages before auction. It is therefore possible that despite intensive exterior cleaning the vehicle will become soiled during transport or due to bad weather etc.

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