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In our "Marketprice" app, you can calculate used cars within a few minutes and market them directly to other car dealers via our BCA Marketplace.

One app, two funktions

In addition to the classic vehicle valuation and calculation of the trade-in price of any manufacturer and model, you can also market your used car directly to thousands of car dealers throughout Germany in modern online auctions.

1. Calculate

After you have received your login data, you can have each vehicle valued individually. If the valuation has been completed successfully, you will usually receive a current market price for your trade-in within 10 minutes. The daily market price is determined on the basis of thousands of vehicle transactions and an additional review by a BCA expert.

2. Sell

We charge €41 per vehicle for each calculation request. We will of course reimburse this if you decide to market the vehicle to other vehicle dealers via the BCA Marketplace. To do this, you must deliver the vehicle to your nearest BCA location within 20 days or arrange transport through us. Please note that BCA sales fees may apply.

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FAQ MarketPrice App

*What costs can I expect?

41 € per calculation request via our app. If you deliver the vehicle to a BCA location within 20 working days, you will receive a credit note for this amount. For further costs relating to marketing, such as the sales fee of € 152 per vehicle, please refer to our fee table.

How do I correctly invoice BCA?

After the sale of your consigned vehicle, you will receive an e-mail from us with the sales receipts and a request to invoice us. You are welcome to use our sample invoice template and download it here:

How long do I have to deliver my vehicle?

You have 20 working days to deliver the vehicle to a BCA location. If this timeframe is exceeded, you must report the vehicle again via our app.

When can I bring my vehicle to a BCA location?

Once you have received the order confirmation by email, you can deliver the vehicle to a BCA location of your choice. In order to prepare for your arrival, please deliver the vehicles no earlier than the next working day at 10am.

Where are the BCA locations?

Here you will find a complete listing of our locations: BCA Locations

How is my vehicle described in the auction?

BCA takes the vehicle data from your marketing request. As the consignor, you are responsible for the accuracy of the data. Any missing data will be completed by the BCA vehicle check.

Can I correct the taxation of my vehicle retrospectively?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Please note that you directly indicate the correct tax type.

Which auction will my vehicle go into?

The allocation of vehicles to an auction is carried out exclusively by the BCA used car experts so that the best possible sales result can be achieved.

How do I know when and in which auction my vehicle will be offered?

You will receive a consignment confirmation with all information by e-mail approx. 24 working hours before the auction.

Who can I contact if I have problems with the app?

If you have any problems with the app, please feel free to contact our marketing team by email: [email protected]

What is the internal reference?

This information is not mandatory and can therefore be left blank. The information you enter here is only for you and will also be noted on the BCA invoice afterwards.

How do I deal with previous damage?

As the consignor, you are obliged to indicate all known defects of your vehicle and to state the costs. Any more information will increase the sale value of your vehicle and prevent the buyer from making a complaint.

When is the payment of the sales price made?

After receipt of payment from the vehicle buyer, BCA reserves the right to wait a further 7 bank working days before making payment. Please send your invoice by e-mail to [email protected]

What happens if my vehicle is not sold?

The vehicles automatically go through four auctions. If the vehicle is still not sold, you have the option to lower the minimum price or to collect the vehicle again.

My password no longer works, what can I do?

Click on "Change password" on the start screen in the app and then on "Forgotten password?".

The given price is too low for me!

Our price calculation is based on Europe-wide transaction data and takes into account the current market situation in order to achieve the best possible sales result.

Can I increase my selling price or minimum price?

No, the calculated price will be your minimum price in the auction, this is calculated on the basis of the current market prices. We cannot increase it, but of course it can automatically develop in your favour through bids.

What does "ignore data" or "include data" mean?

Each vehicle receives a VIN query from Schwacke. If you include the data here, all available fields are automatically pre-selected. You then only have to check them. Of course, only if the query was successful. ATTENTION: If several vehicle versions are subsequently suggested to you, the special equipment cannot be filled in automatically.

I would like to market a special vehicle (e.g. caravan, motorbike etc.), how can I do this?

It is possible that you will not receive a current market price via the app when specifying special vehicles, as there may not be enough comparable data available.
In this case, you can enter your desired price for marketing in our online auctions in the comments field at the end of the app.

What can I do if I have not received any access data?

Please check your spam folder first. If this does not help either, use the "Change password" function in the app. This will tell you that you already have a valid account and you should request a new password directly from the system.

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