We market your used electric vehicles.

We are specialists in the marketing of electric vehicles: we not only take on the online marketing for you, we also take care of all the other processes, at your request.

84% export rate and buyers from over 29 different countries.

84% of the German electric vehicles in our ‘European EV Tuesday & Friday’ auction are exported abroad within Europe  – because there are rarely buyers for used e-vehicles in Germany. This is a logical consequence of the state subsidy for new electric vehicles in the form of environmental premiums. A European buyers network for used vehicles has never been so important.

Our European electric vehicle auction is attended by over 500 buyers from 29 different countries each month, who find an average selection of 80 vehicles in each auction  (2x weekly). Use our European B2B buyer network to drive your export share and with it the sale of your e-vehicles.

Many years of expertise with electric vehicles

Our EB online auction exclusively for e-vehicles has been around for several years. We have been able to gather lots of experience in the marketing and handling of e-cars through the continuous exchange between all European BCA countries. Whether it be in logistics, the special storage and labelling of vehicles,  the calculation of current market prices, the development of a dealer network and much more.

Our services? Full service!

As a full service provider, BCA ensures seamless, audit-compliant processing of your business and supports you before, during and after a vehicle transaction. Our services include, de-registering, consultation, inventory management, fleet and pool car management, invoicing, the entire handling of documents and much more. This reduces the administrative effort for you and BCA thereby contributes considerably to the optimisation of your buying and selling results

Our partners

Large manufacturers, leasing and rental companies, credit institutes, large dealer groups as well as small dealers - we are happy to welcome any partner we can support in the marketing of used vehicles. This includes:

We are happy to help you market your e-vehicle.

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