Information about the Mercedes-Benz Auctions

Due to the current situation we are unfortunately unable to offer you any Mercedes-Benz auctions this week. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at the auction calendar, because we have many other exciting auctions for you this week as well.

BCA is still there for you!

Even in difficult times we stand by your side!

As a partner of the automobile trade, we are aware of our responsibility and want to live up to it. This means that we offer our customers as well as our employees the necessary protection while maintaining our business operations for you.

You do not have to do without our vehicle offer! The auction operation will continue in our online sales formats until further notice. Our BCA auction calendar gives you a quick overview of the upcoming auctions..

Vehicle pick-up and delivery at our locations will also continue to be possible thanks to increased hygiene measures.


With more than 60 Mercedes-Benz vehicles

In this auction, you will find an attractive vehicle offer (incl. leasing vehicles and trade-in). Also numerous vehicles from the BCA Premium Partner Program from well-known and new suppliers will be available.

LiveBid Bronze/Silver Selection
Start: Wed., 08. April | 10:00 am + Thu., 09. April | 10:00 am
BCA Online


Vehicles of banks and credit institutions

In this auction you will find used cars of different banks and credit institutions, for example from the Santander Consumer Bank, Bank11, BNP Paribas and CreditPlus.

xBid Banks & credit institutions
Start: Fr. 03. April | 04:00 pm
xBid: Mi. 08. April | 11:00 am
BCA Online

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Upcoming sales in Germany

10:00 Monday 06/04

Government – LiveBid

Used Government Cars; Berlin/Hoppegarten

24 lots

10:00 Monday 06/04

MiniPrice – LiveBid

Low Cost Used Cars; Online

53 lots

10:00 Wednesday 08/04

Alphabet LCV / Nutzfahrzeuge 03/04/2020

Alphabet Light Commercial Vehicles; Online

60 lots

10:00 Wednesday 08/04

Bronze/Silver Selection – LiveBid

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Online

225 lots

10:59 Wednesday 08/04

Banks & credit institutions – xBid

Used Bank Cars; Online

252 lots

13:00 Wednesday 08/04

Alphabet Used Cars 06/04/2020

Alphabet Used Cars; Online

115 lots

15:59 Wednesday 08/04

24h (Heidenheim & Berlin/Hoppegarten) – xBid

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Online

9 lots

16:00 Wednesday 08/04

24h (Hamburg/Ellerau) – xBid

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Online

09:59 Thursday 09/04

Damaged cars – xBid

Damaged Vehicles; Online

28 lots

10:00 Thursday 09/04

LiveBid Renault

Young, Low Mileage Cars; Renault Deutschland

60 lots

Upcoming European sales

11:00 Thursday 02/04

LeasePlan passenger cars auction

Used Car Selection; Barneveld

78 lots

13:30 Thursday 02/04


Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Barneveld

69 lots

11:00 Friday 03/04

Special vehicles & equipment

Used Truck Selection; Barneveld

19 lots

22:00 Tuesday 07/04

Liquidacion bca 07/04/2020

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; BCA Direct Multicentro

12 lots

22:30 Tuesday 07/04

Bid Now/Buy Now with xBid 07/04/2020

Bid Now/Buy Now with xBid; BCA Direct Multicentro

347 lots

07:00 Wednesday 08/04

Alphabet used company cars 08/04/2020

Alphabet used company cars; Online

20 lots

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