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The Kangoo Z.E enters it’s first Véhiposte sale this October!

Are you in search of information before you embark on your electric vehicle adventure?
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You have taken the plunge and you are now the proud owner of a magnificent Kangoo Z.E! Congratulations! You will find on this page the information needed to acquire a Kangoo Z.E.

Terms and conditions of sale and battery rental

Why rent a battery? In order to guaruntee a reasonable buying price and the highest standard of performance. The main objective is to fight against elevated prices of first generation batteries which use Lithium-Ion tecnhnology  (around 10 000 euros a pack) and make the vast majoriy of electronic vehicles more accessible, Renault have chosen to market their Z.E vehicles only with batteries you rent by month. With our lease contract you have the assurance that your battery will be in perfect working condition with a sifficiant charging capacity. You will benefit from a 24/7 assistance which covers both vehicle, engine and battery related failures. The assistance also covers power outages for which you will be towed to the charging station of your choice, within the limit of 80km. The Renault Z.E. assistance will accompany you throughout the life of your electric vehicle at no extra charge. A way to combine practicality, responsible consumption and simplicity!

To join, download the terms and conditions of the sale. Click here

Recharge solution

You want to recharge your Kangoo Z.E? Nothing is simpler! For this you have several solutions:

  • Recharge at a public terminal: Simply plug in your Renault Kangoo Z.E. at a standard charging station: car parks in some shopping centres, Autolib, Renault dealerships ... Your Renault Kangoo Z.E. is fully charged in 6 to 9 hours depending on the available power supply
  • Via Wallbox: recharge your Kangoo Z.E thanks to the Wallbox. When ordering your Kangoo Z.E. or when you purchase your vehicle, the vehicle will be delivered to you with the cable to charge up with Wallbox.
Discover the list of charging points the closest to you

A team at your service

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