Pack Photos

Find on "MyBCA" section all the pictures of your bought vehicles

When you buy a vehicle a dozen of pictures in high definition appears automatically in your MyBCA section. Pictures are made by a professional photo lab.

They will allow you to show the vehicle to your
clients before receiving it.

What are the benefits from Pack Photos?

  • AOS represents the best solution to spare time: vehicles can be shown to your customers before the delivery.
  • You benefit from pictures in high definition of all your bought vehicles
  • Pictures are yours. So, you can put them on your website or advertisements as you want.
  • Pictures are easy to download on your MyBCA section.
To find more information about Pack Photos Click here

Which sales are concerned by Pack Photos?

All pictures (pictures available on BCAuto Enchères website during sales) are part of Pack Photos except pictures of sales below:

  • Damaged cars
  • Not running vehicles - Live Online
  • Sales outside BCAuto Enchères website

For Light Commercial Vehicles and Starting Price 50€ - Live Online sales, pictures are only taken in a studio.

Be careful: you only have 3 months from the day of the sale to save the PDF document that contains vehicles pictures. You will find it in MyBCA.

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