Used cars delivery in Poland

The easiest solution

The automatic delivery contract

For simplicity and efficiency, agreed by contract to the automatic transport service:

  • Free yourself from creating transport orders 
  • The delivery of the purchased vehicle is launched automatically in the following 24 hours following the sale
  • Transport fees are added to the vehicle invoice (and not paid separately)


To subscribe, please join one of contact below.

Direct delivery

We offer you a solution the the delivery of your running vehicles from our 8 storage centers to your retail store in 15 business days.*

See here delivery prices from each BCAuto Enchères centers throughout Poland.

Regarding the delivery of not running vehicles, please add 15€ without VAT to the indicated price above.

* Subject to the vehicle invoice payment at the date of transport order.


For more information, please contact Aleksandra Skrzypczak by phone +33 670 013 521 or email [email protected]

Aleksandra Skrzypczak

Sale contact

Phone : +33 670 013 521

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