Click & Buy : new leasing sale at fixed price

Discover our leasing sales from BCA Belgium

Diversify your stock of used vehicles with our new fixed price sale : Click & Buy! We offer you a selection of used vehicles from first hand rental returns. These vehicles have been regularly serviced. 

Don't miss also our LCVs auction every Monday at noon.

Click & Buy - Fixed Price

Find an exceptional selection of brands: Audi, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Volkswagen... and make your choice among the different models (berlines, breaks, SUVs, crossovers...). 

The sale starts Wednesday at 02:00 PM and ends Thursday at 02:00 PM.

Log in one hour before the start of the sale to see the vehicles online!

Confirmation of purchases: Once a click is made, purchase confirmations will be communicated within the next hour. 

Buyer fees: Fixed buyer fee of 3,3% with a minimum of 395€ + 100€ HT export fee per vehicle  
recoverable VAT

Access to the sale

Leasing LCV

Discover our selection of used commercial vehicles returning from rental.  

Find a wide selection of vans from Fiat, Ford, Opel, Peugeo, Renault, Volkswagen... 

The sale starts on Monday at 12:00 PM and ends with an xBid session on Tuesday at 04:00PM.

Confirmation of purchases: At the end of the sale, provisional bids will be studied and purchase confirmations will be communicated the day after the sale. Any bid placed commits you. 

Buyer fees : 175€ HT per vehicle + 100€ HT fee per vehicle

Access to the sale

After Sales

Once you have received confirmation of the purchase, the vehicle will be available on the Belcar compound 7 days later (Bist 12, Aartselaar, 2630, Belgium).

Transport : on request