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Alphabet by BCAuto Enchères auctions: an exclusive offer -> 100% of the amazing Alphabet mix! Find on these Alphabet auctions sales on vehicles:

  •     First hand, one driver
  •     Regular maintenance
  •     Detailed maintenance history

Who is able to buy?

Every automotive professionals who has a valid VAT number is allowed to buy on Alphabet auctions on

Prices and Auction Fees

Benefit from a fixed rate auctions fees of €105 (VAT excluded) on every French auctions sales, 175€ (VAT excluded) on Belgian and Luxembourgish Alphabet auctions sales.

Be careful! Please note that auctions prices and bids amounts are displayed VAT excluded for Alphabet Belgium and Luxembourg auctions.

VAT amounts are calculated on Belgian (21%) and Luxembourgish (17%) rates. Please keep in mind that these VAT rates have to be replaced by the VAT rate applicable in France (20%) as it is the one applied on the vehicles sold on these auctions.

Alphabet vehicles

Find all the informations about our Alphabet sales by BCAuto Enchères !

Alphabet France

Delivery Service

For your vehicles purchased on Alphabet France auctions, have the BCAuto Enchères delivery services reflex!

Alphabet France by BCAuto Enchères sales calendar

Flash Auctions sales (xBid)
Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday
Sale begins at 10:00 - xBid Session at 12:00
Sale begins at 15:00 - xBid Session at 17:00
Wednesday - Special auction sale begins at 10:00 - xBid Session at 16:00

Buy now sales (Mixed - Fixed Prices and xBid)
Every days of the week: from 19:00 to 08:00
Week-ends: from Friday 18:00 to Monday 09:00

Learn more about xBid sales by clicking here.

Alphabet Belgium


The amount of our expenses is 175 € HT. These fees apply to each vehicle purchased. Running vehicles transport is included for all Belgian buyers. Non-rolling vehicles are subject to a specific and individual request. Attention needed: the address communicated will have to be accessible by a truck trailer (truck door 8).

As part of the development of the BCA group in Belgium, discover our exceptional offers :

  • If you are a foreign buyer, export fees are offered! 
  • For French buyers, also benefit from free transport to the center of Bouchain!



The transport is automatic and included in the fees for all Belgian buyers (except for non-running vehicles).
For foreign buyers 2 possibilities are available to you:

  • Delivery by BCA: We are aware of the importance for you to have your vehicles delivered as quickly and easily as possible. For this, we have set up a European logistics network to provide you with the best service. You can calculate your shipping cost and then apply online through our "calculator".
  • Delivery by a carrier: You have 15 working days to collect your vehicle by a transport company. In addition, parking fees will be charged at 7.5 € per additional day. Your carrier must make an appointment 24 hours in advance with the storage center. He will have to present the voucher, which will be sent to you after your payment of the vehicle.


3 used cars auctions per weeks (xBid) :

  • From Monday to Friday - xBid Session at 10:00
  • From Wednesday to Monday - xBid Session at 10:00
  • From Thursday to Thursday (a weekly auction) - xBid Session at 10:00

A weekly sale of Light Commercial Vehicles (xBid):

  • From Thursday to Thursday (a weekly auction) - xBid Session at 10:30

Alphabet Luxembourg

Delivery Service

Transport to Bouchain center is mandatory for all vehicles bought on Alphabet Luxembourg auctions on BCAuto Enchères.
Transport fees are a fixed rate of €175 VAT excl. per vehicle (UC and LCV).
Vehicles are sold with COC document.

Alphabet Luxembourg by BCAuto Enchères sales calendar

1 used cars sale per week (xBid) :
From Friday to Wednesday - xBid Session at 10:00

Learn more about xBid sales by clicking here.

Sales access

To access to Alphabet France, Belgique and Luxembourg, don't hesistate to go to the sales calendar.