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Sealed bid: You decide the price you want to buy!

In a sealed auction you cannot see the bids of other participants. You place a bid of the amount of your choice, you can modify this amount whenever you want. After the auction has ended the highest bidder receives a notification by email.

Benefits :

  • Privacy: Nobody knows the highest price if you win the vehicle.
  • Your offer: No overbidding, so no increased prices.
  • Saving time : You can participate from home, without attending the auction online or physically.


  • Logistics:  BCA group will manage all the transports by a fixed cost.
  • After sales management: the seller is responsible for the conformity of the vehicle sold.
  • Administrative management: Manage by BCA
  • Payment: BCA will invoice the buyer and pay the seller within 24 hours (to be verified). Then, BCA will mandate the transport.

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